Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello, I'm back with part 2 of my Project Life pages for a challenge in the class Pocket Your Year with Megan from Nerdnest. She gave us some great challenges last month. So thankful for this extra push to get caught up in my album. Still have more to do but got a great start with this challenge.
Here is a page that I LOVE both sides and the STORIES!! The left side is all about basketball!! Sam started playing in the driveaway again, hasn't done that the last few summers so I was VERY happy to see this. Lasted most of June and some of July then he was done. You can click on the image to see it better. Would love if he played at school but just this alone made my summer.
On the right side is a story about all the wonderful yummy strawberries Rich grew in the garden. WOW, do those multiply fast, he was picking them by the hundreds and thousands each day. We kept some for us and gave some away, our favorite thing to do with our harvest. My dear sweet blog friend Dawn surprised me with her homemade jam which is in the little picture/insert I added here. Do click on this one to see better, she made the cutest card to go with it. The PL cards on the right also came from here and go so well with the pictures. Thank you Dawn!
Here's a look at it with the back of insert and full right side. LOVE!
This page was so fun to put together! I love the colors!
Here's my favorite kind of page, photos and words that all fit.
I used the challenge pattern on the left and monochrome on the right.
Sonja, click on this one to see top right photo!!
I'm very happy with these pages, our camping trip!!
I added an insert to expand on this story, that's one challenge and pattern with the green/black colors.
This is how it looks with the back of insert! LOVE!
Here is another fun page, this one was when it really felt like summer vacation
started for us. Summer was done with interning and was home and we had fun. The garden'
and yard looked all green and were looking like summer. These are the days sums it up!
Also, tired of blue/green in all my pages by this point, lol. 
Here is a happy page, Summer's birthday and fun on the left side.
Challenge, event, cover up and family photos
Nice to have some fall and orange in here. The challenge here was the page protector
on the right side. Those kind always seem too busy and confusing. I think this one is ok though.
This is the back to the right side above. Happy I had pictures for the following week that matched this design. That is another reason why I don't like this design, for this one it worked out ok too.
Also, I love that the challenge change your process fit here, one that I didn't even think I'd use or notice. The "day by day" card is how this page started though. It's pieces of us "day by day".
I'm sorry the picture above this one goes on the back of this one.
This one came together too using the "love this" card.
Sorry this one was already in my other post, not counting this one.
A fun cute page, monochrome RED!
Another FUN page for Renee! Graduation Day! I love how this came out and seeing all the photos and happiness that day. Also used the another tricky page protector on the right side.
I want to say a big thank you for keeping me and my family in your thoughts this past week. My grandma did pass away this past Friday and now we are spending time with family and preparing for her service. She was a special grandma as you know from reading about her on my blog and will be missed by many and many were touched by her.
I posted 11 new pages here Megan and 17 on my other post which is total of 28 pages!! YAY! Wish it could be more but happy that I did get these done and on time for the challenge!
Thanks for all of you for reading and hope you enjoyed them.


  1. I was SO sorry to read about your grandmother. I wonder if she just gave up after moving into a retirement home. Some people do.

    Your photos are fantastic, and you did a great job with that challenge. Even with all going on around you, you managed to get these 28 pages completed and on time. Good for you.

    Again, so sorry to read about your grandmother. Words don't really help, but know I'm thinking about you, regardless.

  2. Hi Dawn, Your happiness about finishing 28 pages will come in time! I will continue to keep you and your whole family in my prayers. I am sure your dear grandmother will be missed terribly. I can only imagine your heartache right now, my friend. And . . . I absolutely LOVE all of your wonderful PL pages. You have been busy! Your creative and loving touches really show! Remember to take care of you during this time. HUGS!!!

  3. I love your PL spread and big cyber hug to you!

  4. go Dawn go!! this is amazing...truly a big accomplishment!! I am so proud and so jealous!! you are motivating me to stop cleaning my basement out and sit and catch up on PL!! I was just thinking about how sad I am that I never completed last years album either as it was Hudson's first year and I really should have. maybe someday I will take the time and get the chance to do so but the memories of specific days are gone and that breaks my heart..motivation to keep up with 2016 thing!!!!!!
    so sorry it took so long to get here and see these but I made it!!!!

  5. FABULOUS!! ♥ I think my favorites are the camping photos...I went camping with my folks as a kid, and we did it with our own kids too. So many wonderful memories...even of the times we got 'rained out!' Love the picture of you and your daughter leaning against the wall, too. It caught my eye, and it's cool. Good for you getting so many pages done! I did finally get my February photos developed and in the PL book, but not all. Spent a ridiculous amount of money getting them printed, but they make me happy and I so enjoy looking at them over and over. Life is good. and I want to remind myself of that. You are cherishing the moments too, I can tell! ♥