Sunday, September 20, 2015

T stands for Tea and Lists

Hello and happy Sunday! This photo is from this morning, the sky started gorgeous and stayed that way all day. I love when that happens, the weather was perfect today and I made sure to spend most of it outside. I will be sharing more of outside photos with you next week for T Day.
For this week's T Day with our super busy hostess Elizabeth I'm going to share my "30 Days of Lists" with you. It's been fun doing this again and even Renee has joined in with me. To keep it simple, mine is Project Life style so that I can add it to the album when it's done. I had fun picking out the cards for these pages, the first days got done using a PL "planner Kit" I bought some time ago and wish I had bought two. The other page is a pattern/color theme which used up some cards I haven't used either. Happy to use up my cards this way! Let's take a look now.
here is the first 5 days and some filler cards that I liked. Click on the image to read the lists better.
this is the back side, using more journaling this time.
LOVE this kit and colors! Click on image to see better.
We don't want to forget to bring a drink/cup of some kind when we visit the T Day gang. Today I'm sharing my tea and a new fall book a blog friend told me about. It's full of stories, pictures, recipes and fun. It's the perfect book to read and get ready for Autumn coming.
Hope you've had a good week and are ready to share some T Day fun! Thanks so much for your visits and comments that make my day. I am posting this early since Monday is a babysitting day for me. I will be around Tuesday and Wednesday to visit you. Happy T Day!


  1. Wonderful post, your lists are a great idea. Enjoy your tea and the autumn book, happy T Day - on Monday - hugs, Valerie

  2. What an adorable little book. Your lists look good!

  3. Good to keep these lists in the PL style. I remember joining for the list project last year. The weather is slowly changing here too.
    Have a lovely week

  4. I would have been here sooner, but I just got back from my friend Sally's where I loaded the car yet again. I also cleaned her kitchen counters, sidebar, and table. Then I refolded some tee shirts, hung no less than 19 coats (not exaggerating), and found room in her garage for her battery chargers and power washer which had been sitting in the house. I am now pooped!

    I like the lists you have created and of course, I adore the way you assembled the lists in you PL folders. Really nicely done, and so glad Rene is helping with lists, too.

    Thanks for sharing your new Autumn book and your tea with us for T this week. Speaking of autumn, the temps here are over the top. This is more July weather than September. We've topped 90 F two days in a row and tomorrow and Wed. are predicted to be even warmer.

    1. Your experience with this Sally project sounds like it qualifies you to open a business based on helping people deal with their clutter. You rock!

  5. Pocket cards are coming back in style and are all the rage in my penpalling club
    Bridget #1

  6. Fabulous idea with this lists!
    Happy T-Day!

  7. Your PL looks very interesting indeed. It's a good thing to do.
    I have Susan Branagh's Summer book. Also full of recipes, hints and tips and stories. I love her work.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day :D

  8. I like the way you did this so it could be incorporated in your PL work. You sound very organized! :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Who can resist a good set of lists, yours are pretty too! LOL I am trying to get used to being in Autumn when we really ahven't had much summer to speak of!

  10. Great job....from one list maker to an other....*grin*
    Happy T-day ....that book looks interesting.

  11. I loved reading your lists. They are fun and interesting. It made me think what I would put. I've never thought about what I'd do if I knew I wouldn't fail... hmmm interesting...
    Thanks for sharing and for visiting me already today.

  12. Love your lists! I noticed a few movies I like Big Hero 6 and the Croods. But I love the Madagascar movies those penguins! Hasn't the weather been gorgeous!? so blessed with blue skies, sunshine and fall temps!...a race car great list...never thought about what I'd do if I couldn't fail...write a book maybe? ♥ have a great week dear!

  13. I love making lists - maybe iI should try this way! Love your post! Chrisx

  14. 30 days of lists. I think I do that anyways--LOL! I'm so compulsive in some areas. ;) Looks like fun, though.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  15. Gorgeous 30 days of lists. Super cool!Love your tea too!Happy T-Day! :)