Monday, March 29, 2010

It is so hard to only pick one potd lately and to only post one potd to show you. Hope you don't mind looking at the extra's I sometimes throw in. This was a busy week for us we had two chorus concerts. I'm proud of them for trying out to have a small line to say at their concerts. They have to try out for these parts and they both made it, so very proud. Summer got to do the welcoming speech in the beginning, we had front row seats this time. Summer was nervous but she did GREAT!! So proud of her!! Their group sang some great songs. Renee's concert was fun also. In 7 th you can try out for Vocalaries which is an extra chorus and she made it yeeeeeh!! So she sang a song for that and she tried out for a line in the song " I think I Can Fly" which I've always loved and she made it. She was nervous too but she did awesome!! So proud we had front row seats for hers too. I love hearing my girls sing. We had a sleepover on Friday, movies on Saturday and kids day on Sunday. I can't believe it's almost April already, can't wait for spring/summer weather sooon. Thanks to everyone who visits here and your comments are fun to read. My kids and husband actually love to read them now!!! If you'd like to see other blogs like this click on the CreativeMom link on the righthand sidebar. Have a good week everyone and Happy Easter everybody.

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