Monday, March 15, 2010

This was a fun week for us. The spring weather was here so we played outside everyday. I love it when the kids can go outside and play. The girls even wore their capri's for two days during the week. When the weekend came though it was cold and rainy again. This book I finished is really really good, it describes the same feelings I go thru with my kids and making the right decision for us and for them, not just to keep up with the "jones" or to be your child's best friend. This parenting job is the hardest thing for all of us. OK no more serious talk onto some funny stuff, like the tv show "the MIDDLE" it's on Wednesday's with Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond. It's just what I need in the MIDDLE of the week. The show makes my husband and I laugh every week. Sometimes we laugh till we cry and our sides hurt. This is a completly different role for Patricia, she's like a frumpy, working, mom of 3 kids. If you need a laugh to keep you going the rest of the week then watch this show and let me know what you think. The show after the middle is called modern family and it's pretty funny too, but The MIDDLE is my favorite. Thanks for reading my blog and for all the comments. I love to read all yours too. If you want to read more blogs like mine, just click on the creative mom link on the right side of my page. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!

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  1. My daughter has the same bedspread!!! Nice photos, thanks for sharing!