Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 5

These are the curtains in our breakfast nook. I have always wanted a yellow/green kitchen. When the kitchen was painted it had kind of a outdoor feel to it kinda like a sunroom. I knew right away the curtains would look neat if they were like an awning that you use to keep the sun out or at least from shining in our eyes while eating. I was so excited that I had this new idea. Went to many stores to find material to make them in yellow,green,white and didn't have any luck. My mom and I looked everywhere and for curtains already made in these colors. We could only find them with blue stipes or with flowers on it also. I gave up but not my mom. She surprised me and came over a couple weeks later with NEW GREEN/YELLOW/WHITE STRIPED CURTAINS!!! I was so EXCITED, where did you find them I asked her. She knew how important it was for me to have these excatly how I wanted them so she bought green/yellow/white material and cut strips out of them and SEWED THEM TOGETHER!!! I couldn't believe all the hard work she did just to have these curtains. You could never tell they were sewed at all, she is an awesome seamstress. Everybody who comes over always comments how they love my new curtains and that was 7 years ago and they still talk about them. I'm reminded everyday I look at these of how my mom loves me!!!

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