Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is my dream house for many reasons. It's blue my favorite color, has 4 bedrooms which we need two girls and one boy which hasn't happened in the past dream houses, love the color of paint thru the house which is "SEA GLASS" so pretty and calming. Has a huge kitchen with plenty of cupboards and windows has a cool basement. Has a looking out point at the top of house but couldn't get good enough pictures there were too many people in there. This house is more simply and uncrowded decorating wise usually it's filled with tons of stuff and lots of different colors but this one is cool and calming. We all love the house which doesn't always happen even though the yard is TINY TINY we'd have to give up are acreage for this house.

I'm starting your tour from the porch to right inside which has the main rooms on that level and the bedrooms and utility room on the second floor and a little cove uptop to see out of at lake erie then the basement which is half finished for play/hanging out and the other half is huge and partial finish but very cool for bikes,skates, basketball, that kind of thing. I also just realized I forgot to include 2 photos a bathroom off the kitchen and my personal favorite is a little room off the garage for coats and shoes. This is the biggest house I think the've had especially the living space on the main floor it's very open lots of walls and spacious which we need desperatly.

How this YMCA Dream HOuse works is you purchase a ticket for $ 12 can get as many as you want and tour as often as you like from June 25 Till August 18 which is my BIRTHDAY . The mayor will pick out 20 tickets and if you are one of them you come on Aug 22 and get a key and all 20 people try their key till the lucky winner with the right key opens the house. OH MY GOSH I'M SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS RIGHT NOW!! Now if you are a winner you can choose the house or $200,000 instead . Now with the house you'd only pay property taxes which would be a lot but now mortagage the house is worth close to $450,000 and most of the furniture and applicances stay with the house yeeeeh again. You get 30 days I think to decide which you want to do. We've always wanted to take the money but this year we want the house. There's too many things I love about it to pass it up. I hope I explanined that well enough. I've seen it 3 times so far and plan on going back twice a week because I just have to see it againa and again till I have that winning key.

Ok sorry about the rambling just had to explain why I WANT THIS HOUSE so are you ready to visit my house come on in and visit and please leave me a comment if you like or don't like it. Either way is fine. I took one of my sisters and she doesn't like it and kept saying so thru the tour. I told her she wasn't going to be invited to the holiday dinners then hahaha.


  1. Everything is beautiful. Definitely a dream house. Good luck!

  2. Loved it! What an amazing view of the lake from the bathroom. Wow! Hoping you win. :)