Thursday, September 16, 2010

The last half of our trip in miami

I'm finally posting photos from our Miami trip that was the last week in July. I kept putting it off because theirs so many to choose from and I want to show them all because even the so called nothing ones are something to me. I want to remember it all. So these photos our from our last two days and the special Outback dinner we did before that. I took so many photos also of our trip down and back but have decided to do a whole other post about that in a couple weeks. For now this is just Miami nothing else. I can't post them all at once or my computer breaks down from overload so I'll do some more in a few days then maybe a third post if needed. Hope you enjoy them, it was HOT HOT HUMID HUMID while we were there but so pretty.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn right across from Bayside strip mall area. We walked over there sometimes 3 times a day to shop,eat, hang out, and Kristin works there too. It's like a outside mall with cool shops from home and some of their own mixed in. Theirs also the boats tours you can take which we did. It's a Star Island Tour where we see these famous people's houses that are magnificent but too fancy for me. Some of them where Oprah, Shaq, Sylvester Stallone, Elisabeth Taylor and can't remember the others.

Ok go enjoy the photos and sorry it took so long.....

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