Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18 2010

Well it has been a fast week here at our house. Having a new puppy keeps you so busy just like having a baby again. Lucky is doing so good and he is so happy to be with us. He loves to follow us everywhere and whines when he's not allowed. I'm so happy we made the decision to get him for the kids they love every minute with him and help out all the time no complaints!!! Thank you kids love you!! I know my dates are a little off, realized that at the end but too tired to go back and change them, sorry. Sam got a bad toothache over the week and by Thursday he was crying he was in so much pain so we made a doctor appt. for Friday and found out he had a baby tooth with a infection in the filling going into his gums so they had to pull the tooth. My poor boy was hurting big time, laid on the couch and watched tv after all that and is taking medicine and feeling 100%better.

I just want to let everyone know that if your looking for Halloween decor ideas click on the eighteen.25 button on the right side. They always have such cute ideas that look great and most of them easy. If you are looking for ideas and inspirations on running, getting healthy, inspiration click on the cathy z link on the right side. She's awesome!! It was Allison Davis's sketch week last week also for great scrapbooking inspiration click on her name on the right. For a October/fall idea book to create click on Lisa Bearson's name on the right you can download and play around with a book online just like Becky Higgins project life book.

Now my absolute favorite project right now is on Ali Edwards blog. She is truly amazing and wonderful and talented. She has made a December Daily mini album for the last few years and they are so perfect for the holidays. She's assembling the album now and showing us different EASY EASY ways to do this with her. Please check her link out. This is a simple project you can make right now then fill it with photos, journlaning, tickets, whatever and it's for December 1 to December 25 or longer if you choose. I am doing one this year for the first time and will be showing you my album and how mine is coming along. So if you decide to do it please let me know so I can see yours.
Have a good week everyone!!

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