Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4 2010

Happy October everyone!! It has been feeling like fall around here. We've had rain, wind and low temps for almost a week. Soccer was not fun in all this weather for us parents. Sam loves it of course the more mud the better for him. We even had our furnace on for the first time this season and I've been wearing slippers for 3 days now it's so cold here. All this cool weather does put me in the mood for fall decorating and Halloween my favorite holiday that's tied with Thanksgiving. So because of that I want to post some fall/halloween ideas for all of you that we try to do some or all of these each year. I will post my decorations in a couple days still working on some of them. My main ideas are kinda like at Christmas time just turned around to fall time and it still works out great.

1. A countdown to halloween, you decide how long the countdown should be and if you want to do an activity each day or on the weekends or just do a countdown. You can do this by chainlinks, make a calender, tape pumpkins up on front door to remove one everyday almost anything would be great.

2. Have a basket filled with fall/halloween theme type books. Even my girls love some of the same ones from when they were little. Take time to read some everyday or weekends.

3. Buy halloween coloring books and as a family sit and color a bunch for you to put up and to give aways to family/friends

4. buy small pumpkins for inside the house and decorate them with stickers/markers/glitterglue/anything then put them on kitchen table or around the house or let the kids put them in their rooms

5. tell scary stories together, have the kids write scary stories/poems/halloween stories and make it into a book and save it for each year. I love reading the kids from when they were little.

6. Put past halloween/fall/leaves/hayrides/apple picking/ pumpkin picking photos from the past and put them into small album for the kids to look thru. They will love to see all these activities from years ago. Or put these photos into $1 frames and put some around the house for the kids to see and show to guests.

7. Don't forget to have donuts and cider on a cool night. Maybe read some fall books while sipping warm cider.

Ok these are my ideas so far that we have done and hoping to do them again. I love these ideas and it makes the cold weather season more fun and festive just like getting thru winter and Christmas. Hope you enjoyed these ideas and if I think of more I will post them later. If you have any ideas/traditions please let me know.

Also for some really clever ideas visit the eighteen.25 blog and they are having a halloween blog party with everyone's ideas on it. Click on the button that's on the right side of my blog. Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Hi Dawn! I love your ideas and will use some! My plan is to get out my Halloween decor this Sunday. Life has been sooooo crazy!Hope all is well!