Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scooby Doo, Pumpkins & a big surprise

What a crazy wonderful day this was. The weather is perfect into the 70's and SUNNY....we needed this after a miserable cold, rainy, windy week. Started off great with Sam winning his soccer game then picking out pumpkins, seeing the myster machine from Scooby Doo so cool this van was, then went to a garden center to play fall games and do fall things. Well all was going till we came upon a surprise that was so amazing so shocking and surprising you'll just have to scroll thru these pictures to find out. It made our day even better, made the kids scream this is all we want for Christmas, no toys, cells, clothes this was it. So what do you think it is???? Go find out and let me know if you guessed right???? Happy Ocotober everyone and Sam my sweet boy who will be 9 in a month from tomorrow. Here's to your last month as a 8 year old you more than you could now buddy....

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