Saturday, October 9, 2010

We have a new puppy in the house

So while we were at this fun coolest place ever, only went there for a hayride, horse ride, haunted house, etc and to what does appear but a 5 roly poly cute puppies for free. Yep that's what happened, boy did we walk into that trap unprepared, shocked, surprised, torn between doing the pratical financial responsible thing or to make 3 kids VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPPPPPPYYYYYY...... yes they've begged for a dog for at least 5 years and I always say no. Even my neighbors all started getting dogs, there is 22 dogs on this street, how do I know because the girls went for a walk this past summer and counted them and came home to tell me that we are one of the few to not have a dog. How could I say no, it just seemed meant to be. Now how to choose one well it was hard, they were all cute but one tugged our hearts the most and he won us over and decided to make him ours. The kids have been by his side all day taking care of him and loving him. He is very laid back and sleeps mostly. Even snores softly. He cuddles and kisses. Yep he's a keeper. What to name him ummm well I 've always thought of names like Max or Charlie or Jack will we didn't all agree so we tried them all out then close to bedtime I thought of Lucky because he's lucky to have us and we are lucky to have found him. So I think lucky will win. I hope this puppy training thing will go smoothly it's been years and years since I've done this. So welcome to your new family "lucky" we love you boy!!

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  1. Hi Dawn!

    A new puppy?! OMG! How exciting! Lucky is so sweet and so cute. I bet he is already growing very fast. I can just imagine how excited your kids were. Hope he is a good puppy and hasn't chewed up too much! Such great memories will be made with Lucky.

    Thanks for your comments about my decorations. I am so happy that you got out some of your old pictures and the kids enjoyed them so.

    Love the tombstone pictures too! Such drama by the girls!

    Have a great weekend and keep in touch!