Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do you love lists?? I do find out more & what I'm loving

Here's some random things that I'm loving right now......

1. I got to watch new baby Colt and just loved him and took about 40 pictures of him just sleeping
2. My half bath looks amazing and it's almost done
3. My oldest is almost done with college
4. Rich made a apple pie
5. I bought a pineapple upside down cake and it's so yummy!!
6. I am taking a online class at BPS and it's great and am learning so much
7. I've done a layout almost everyday the past couple weeks
8. I've found a new blog called 30 days of lists for the month of March, so fun and I love lists
9. We tried two new foods this week they weren't great or bad just ok
10. We moved the tv stand and computer stand to make more scrap space for me, yea!!
11. Army Wives starts back up tonight, can't wait!!

So those are my top favorites for right now. I wanted to tell you more about the 30 days of lists. Do any of you like lists, write them everyday, do you want some fun list to write? I found this cute blog with 3 girls running it and everyday they have a new list idea for you to make. It's free, simple, easy, fun and gets you thinking. There hasn't ever been a time I didn't like lists, even writing lists about my lists is a habit for me. So to see what I'm talking about go check out this blog at and find out more and join the fun. See you back here on Tuesday with project life.

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  1. I love this post! I love lists! I will have to check out this blog.

    Have a great week Dawn!