Friday, March 25, 2011

My recent scrapbook layouts

I've been so busy this past month with a scrapbook class I'm taking at BPS and it's wonderful and fun. There is so much about me and my style that I'm learning and didn't even know I needed to learn. So the class is for 8 weeks and we just started week 5 so almost done, it has been like a roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs and bumps along the way. It's also so very exciting and inspiring and moving. So I thought I'd share some of my layouts with you here to see what I've been doing. Just about everyday I get a layout done it's all part of the process. So these are just some of my favorites. Sonja I posted one on Sienna totally not thinking but you can peek at it and I'm sure you will be surprised when you see it again for her bday album. Most of these layouts were made for a lesson for that week and some were just me playing and enjoying the process and finding out what I like on my pages. So hope you enjoy them. I will post more at the end of the class to show you more new ones and what I learned about it. This is my first class ever on scrapbooking and my first class of any kind at BPS and it is a wonderful place to be and great teachers and community of ladies to help you and chat with.

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  1. YOur pages turned out SO cute! I'm happy that you got to take a BP class...very cool! You and your family will love these layouts forever. Keep 'em coming!!