Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've decided to copy Cathy Z idea and make an AWESOME LIST she always has good ideas on remembering the fun stuff. I also love lists so here is mine in no particular order just random off my head as they come what AWESOME IS FOR ME oh and on her comments I told her she is one of them for making this list idea up. So the first one is for her , enjoy and follow along.

Cathy Z for always telling it like it is, the good the bad the ugly whatever it is and mostly because she is so funny and cracks me up.

cup of hot Lipton tea every morning
seeing the sunrise and sunset and capturing it on camera
when my kids are getting along
when my hubby asks what can I do for you
a few hours of scrapping time
a fave song on the radio, it changes everyday depending on my mood and the weather
FALL, FALL, FALL, FALL yep I'm a fall girl
crunching leaves
kids laughing
kids sharing
sienna's smile
sienna's choo choo lines
new baby Colt
my daughter singing everywhere she goes
my daughter singing the star-spangle banner ( my personal favorite ever)
the flag
when hubby cooks on the weekends
my few tv shows I watch
a good book that you have to read all in one day
the smell of cookies baking then eating themwarm
my daughter laughing and being so funny without even trying
my daughter's smile and gift for making everyone around her smile back
my oldest at college calling just to say hello or I love you or what's new
my oldest everytime I see her a get goosebumps and cant' stop staring at her, I miss her
rachael ray bbq meatloaf muffins and smashed potatoes
fresh veggies and fruit
my sweet blonde nieces who I love and treasure
my husband gets my gas because he knows I hate the smell
a quiet house every morning and after the kids are in bed
my husband playing with our kids in all weather and when he's tired
my husband always able to make the kids laugh
my sweetie saying he is taking a half day so we can have a date
my sweetie saying do you want a back rub
my favorite jeans and sweatshirt
watching my hubby mow the grass with no shirt and a great tan, sorry had to put it in
my son simply because he is my son
my son's gorgeous blonde hair
my son's easy going nature and laughter
my sons endless amount of questions when we visit dentist
my sons' love of sports
my kids reading and enjoying a book
my kids love to hug Lucky every night before bed
fresh clean clothes/towels all done and put away
a empty kitchen sink
when the house is clean for an hour if I'm lucky
my camera and the power of a photo
Pretty Woman no matter how many times I've seen it
my kids report cards
my kids sleeping with their animals at night
my life
a bowl of soup on a cold day
a fun puzzle on a rainy day
our new pool this past summer and can't wait for it again this summer
project life, forever this will be awesome for our family
starting to run at the track and loving it
running/walking under a gorgeous blue sky
enjoying the trees as they change each season
thanksgiving and turkey and pumkin pie
the day after christmas
my blackberry my dad got me
my glasses so I can see better
a pan of brownies all for me
being with the kids playing games and hanging out
going to a ball game with the kids
going to the Outback
going to the park with kids
going to visit oldest at college
my oldest graduated from college last week, yippeee
hearing the kids say mom
just being a mom to four great kids
lucky crawling over to us because he's to tired to walk
my husband and lucky running together thru the back yard
my hubb's garden
a fresh mowed lawn
packing lunches
my kids making their beds
my kids and I in the van with a good song on
my dad surprise visits with goodies for the kids or a pizza for dinner or just visiting
volunteering at kids school

well that's what I have for now, just wrote them as they came and now my hands need a break from typing. This was fun and will do it again in a few months, see what new ones I can add. Let me know if you do this too.


  1. Totally loving the awsome list and I love the A-Z list. I am a list person so I just love these. Definately going to copy this idea, maybe I should get everyone to do one.
    Thanks for all you inspiring words for project life, appreciate it very much.
    Love me :-)

  2. Oh Dawn....I love this! We have soooo much in common! Have a great weekend!