Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Life 2012..... week one

Hello and welcome to my first Project Life 2012!!!!! I'm a little late with this due to some uploading issues, thankfully the pictures went thru and I could finish my first week. This is will be my 4th year doing PL and I love it just as much now as I did the first year. I can't tell you how wonderful and treasured these albums are at the end of the year. All our years story in one place. It makes me happy!!! The way I do project life is picking my favorite picture or story for the week instead of doing a daily photo. This makes it easier for me and helps me stay caught up. On the busier weeks I will have added page protectors to show more of our week. My other added fun is the paper goodies in our lives, ticket stubs, receipts, tags, art work anything I see that will fit and tell our story will be placed inside the little pockets.
I want to thank Becky Higgins and team for coming up with this amazing kit and to Jessica Turner for letting us link up at her blog so we share with other Project Life families.
On this side the important story is the one of mine and my son's feet, we are starting to read at bedtime together and this was our first night for it. He loves it and reminds me each night when it's time. I didn't expect him to love it this much so this makes me very happy. I also love that my OLW for the year "BELIEVE" is already on the designer cards that come in the kit. I hope to incorporate more of my OLW thru the year in this album to.
This side has some new things for me that I'm excited about. First is our family photo, the last two years I've wanted to do this and it never happened. I'm hoping the first Sat. of each month we do this and make it as much fun as this one was. The second new thing is the little tag I made using my favorite colors right now. This was my first time playing with tags and enjoyed it. So these will be popping up in some weeks. The last thing was writing on a photo, pretty sure I didn't do this last year. In the bottom right hand corner is the picture I wrote on due to all the white space on it. It's a blurry photo but a cool story for it.
So that's it for my first week, a whole week of our family story told and half way thru the second week already. LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed my pictures.


  1. Hi Dawn! LOVE your first week. I especially love your family picture! How sweet the picture your feet with Sam. Bailey and I just got done doing our nightly reading laying on my bed.

  2. I adore this! I love the picture of the feet the best and well your family photo of course, but all of this looks wonderful. I want to start doing this eventually. I am the least organized creature that roams this planet, so it might be a while, but this is very inspiring. The thing I love the most about this is that it is not digital. You can touch it with your hands. Too much of my life has gone digital. My mom passed away when I was only 16 and until then, I never realized how PERSONAL some things can be. Like handwriting for instance. I melt whenever I see something with my mom's handwriting on it. These days, some rarely even have to pick up a pen anymore, so I love the whole idea of this. I am having deep thought about this. Can anyone join in?

  3. Your project life is looking so FUN and COLORFUL! I love your tag, the photo of your art journal and your turquoise writing! Just awesome!

    1. thank you ladies for your comments.

      Becki, can't wait to see your first week.

      Aimee, so sorry to hear about your mom, that is why I make sure to document for my kids so they will have their story told and remembered. Sending you an email about PL. Anyone can join in, yes!!

      Michelle, thank you for visiting. Glad you liked it and can't wait to see yours!!

  4. Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for popping in to say hello and for your encouragement :) Your Week 1 is looking great...lots of great ideas, and I LOVE the foot photo!

  5. So great to your first week and I just love that photo of the feet. I have just about finished week one but finding it hard to find some time to finish it off due to the fact that we are all still on holidays. Hoping to postit Saturday. I have had so many comments about your canvas so give yourself a huge pat on the back. Chat more soon
    Love me :-)

  6. Great start, and it's easy to pick up on your excitement for the whole project! Wonderful photos!

  7. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I love the word that you've selected for this year- BELIEVE. Great idea to take family pictures consistently, even I'm planning to do it this year.