Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project Life December 2011 DONE !!!!!!!

I am sharing the first 3 weeks leading up to Christmas which is a lot of pages already and so are the Christmas/New Years eve one so I will post those another day. I like seeing the end of November here and start of December. On the right is my Thankful Leaves project all done for the month, love seeing this. I saved all the leaves and put them in an envelope. My monthly menu is here also, will continue to include that. The kids made a cute welcome home sign for Rich. The right side is all December, my mom and nieces in the bottom right, so CUTE!! The BELIEVE art is something I made for my OLW. The sunset photo is to remind me how gorgeous and lucky I am to see this almost daily, I never get tired of seeing this. Hope you enjoy these and the following weeks. It is a lot to see but I love it and am happy to have all these little memories.
Just a little bit of everything here and I love it. The extra paper stuff I put in makes me happy.
I always include a few photos of our decorations. This was the first snow we had I think. Just a little to make Sam happy and the trees look pretty.
I included a lot of snow photos, sorry if you get tired of seeing them. In the bottom right hand corner I saved the xmas lists for the family members we had to buy for, kinda cool to look back and see these. Love the twinkling light and snow covered bushes.
I would say my fave photo from the whole month is the one of Colt right here in the window, love this so much. He was so excited to be standing and looking at the cars going by. He'd have a little grin on his face each time. My other top favorite is the bottom left ones, THE BIG AHA moment for me using the macro button on my camera, love the results. The stickers you see thru all my pages this month are from my sweet friend Bonita, she sent me them as surprise. My other surprise was the package from Tracey, filled with paper goodies and ornaments. I'm lucky to have such sweet and thoughtful friends!!
This is one of Becky Higgins new page protectors, gonna love having choices now!! I always include a photo when my new PL items arrive, love the white boxes.
These were the last days up till Christmas. I do like having the variety of Becky Higgins page protectors. I finally got a picture of the White House Christmas special, the bottom right hand corner and that big beautiful flag and blue sky another favorite of mine!!


  1. Wow, these are amazing. What a wonderful way to keepsake things. I love your believe art. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  2. Isn't it great to treasure all the sweet memories of your loved ones/ Project Life is a cool way to help us store these precious pics.
    I really enjoyed going through this.
    Thank you Dawn for visiting Ariel.

  3. Thanks Aimee!! I love having this album filled with a year's worth of memories. Happy you like my believe art, it's my favorite.

    Ariel, thanks for stopping by!! I do love having all these memories in one spot. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.