Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project life update and exciting plans for 2012

I've been writing list after list ( I love lists) on plans for Project Life and other projects for the new year. My thoughts are to take them slow and not just jump in all at once this month. I want to really make this year count and hopefully have a good schedule in motion to work with me when the kids are home on summer break, that way I still get ME time and CREATIVE TIME in even with them home. Last summer not much creative or me time happened so going to make it work this year.

I'm hoping to take pictures of my PL for December today, kinda cloudy so not sure how good the lighting will be. I just got back our New Year's Eve pictures and have to put them in and do some writing and take the pictures that means 2011 Project Life is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy about it this year and love looking at it.

First up then is plans for Project Life, which I plan on do as a weekly not daily spread. So much easier and more fun this way. Going to add paper and goodies again, even some paper only weeks. Here are my other ideas:
1. I say it every time but this year it's going to happen!! MONTHLY FAMILY PHOTO, on the first Sat. of the month. This will be so cool at the end of the year and I'm determined to do it!!

2. Adding in my own tags, doodle cards, anything art and small that will fit.
3. On weeks that have a lot of photos, will make them into 4x6 collage photos to save room in the binder and I like the idea of them all together.
4. working on getting better pictures, more focused and learning more about my camera
5. hoping the kids and Rich will do more with it this year, would love to see ALL of our thoughts in it this year.
6. Some weeks I was lazy and just threw whatever pictures in it just to fill it up, this time I want to really take pictures that matter and finding the stories for them.
7.I am getting ideas from other blogs about what pictures, like a prompt and going to use these ideas for my photos.
8. I will still be posting them on Tuesday just like always, even if it's just the pictures but will try and print out weekly and have it in the album for you to see.
So I think that's it for now. Looking forward to my 4th year of this project and love it so much.

Some of the new ideas I have to share are:

COLOR HAPPY!! some days it seems like colors are all I think about and I grab the sharpies and go to town with them. I doodle in them, scrap in them, paint in them and might last for a few days before I feel happy with it and move onto the next color or a break from them.
Right now it's been gray/pink like crazy!! Hoping to start making projects and and just seeing where these color obsessions take me. Will keep you posted thru the month.

HAPPY THINGS!!! I've been doing this one and love taking the time to remember what's making me happy, even want to make a journal/ album about this. I do this a few times a month and will continue to do so.

RANDOMS!! Kinda like the happy one but more of just what's going on around here. This is a couple times a month too.

THANKFUL DIARY!! I've thought about this one almost daily since doing the 30days of Gratitude in November. This really slows me down and finds more meaning in my life and my heart feels happy doing it. So this I've already started and will share during the month. For now it's a little journal and I write at least 3 things for each day to be thankful for and because I loooovee trees on each page I draw a tree or more so that at the end of the year I'll have a book of trees and this makes me verrrry happy. Nothing fancy just crayons/pencil keeping it fun.

RIGHT NOW!! I love reading these on other blogs and this is one I want you to join in with me on. Once or twice a month I will post what I'm doing right now and you can share yours in the comments or a link back to your blog if you want to post it also. This is always fun to do and reading others.

COLLAGE CRAZY!! I miss doing my collages and want to make time to try this again, not sure what yet but will post more when I know.

FAVE PICTURE!! I've seen that Wordless Wednesday around a lot and want to do that. Just one picture that is my fave of the week, that's it no writing, just a photo

WRITING BETTER!! I love to write but not fond of my writing so I'm going to start writing daily, practicing all kinds of writing and thinking of doing something with it using the alphabet. Might do letter A for a week and use it on everything then go to letter B, something like that. Will keep you posted.

I am a home body, BIG TIME, love being home and never feel like going out to much. Well, I need to get out and explore and find new things to inspire me and have fun. So I am challenging myself to get out twice a month OUT OF MY HOME TOWN and exploring some new stores and might make this into a project. Like a video of me going out and seeing where I go and what I discover, or buying something that inspires me and come home and do some art with it. Totally not sure and any ideas you want to give me on this please do so!!

WOW this looks like a lot after typing it but not to much that it should hold me back. I HOPE!! In the next weeks there will be more ideas that I will share but this is the most of them. Also will be improving and changing things in our family and really hope we can grow and be stronger this year. For me 2011 was tough and I shared a little bit of it here and might again. So hoping for better this year.


I will be sharing more of word (BELIEVE) also thru the months and in my Project Life.

So did anyone read thru all that, sorry for such a long post but had to share so much. If you hung in there thank you!!
Any and all feedback on these topics would make me happy and would love to hear about. If you want to know more or want to join in on any of them THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, LET ME KNOW!!
Have a great day!


  1. I love this post, and everything about it! I am a list maker too! I think I would enjoy doing just about everything on this charming little list. I can't wait to see all of your things.

    PS. About the sharpies ... I have a private stash....... :)

  2. Hi Aimee,

    Happy to know you love lists and sharpies also. Glad you want to have fun with my ideas and can't wait to share more.

  3. U hv great plans... I hv a list about that long too..u aren't the only one!

  4. How cool is this, commenting from my phone. Love this post and really like the idea about what makes you happy and random stuff, just might have to join you on them. Hoping to do 30 days of lists too. It we will see how we go, might add it in to pl. great post
    Love me :-)

  5. ...what a long and great post. Wish you all the best with your plans! I have no lists, maybe I should do this?! Also thanks for commenting on my art journal page! Have a good day!