Saturday, January 21, 2012


I haven't done one of these in a long time and miss them. Here is some random thoughts and happenings in my world!! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

1. The month is going slow for me and that makes me happy.
2. I'm craving fast food all the time now, not sure why because this never happens.
3. Renee will be 15 just over 2 weeks, WOW WOW WOW!!
4. Summer was 131/2 yesterday, that is way to fast for me
5. We are painting the girls room this weekend "POOL PARTY BLUE" I think that's the name
6. I've been enjoying the new show JANE BY DESIGN with the girls on Tues. nights
7. My dear friend Bonita has a birthday tomorrow, Happy Birthday !!!
8. Rich has already been getting gardening magazines in the mail, he is so ready for spring
9. Summer will be getting braces very soon and is verrrrry excited
10. Kristin my oldest just got to witness the miracle of life when her good friend had her baby last week. A sweet baby girl for her to spoil and love. She was there for the delivery and is the baby's godmother.
11. Sam has been having an awesome basketball season and we have been reading almost every night and love it.
12. Little Colt will be one in 3 days already, that really makes me sad. I want him to stay little
13. I'm still working on some 2012 ideas and will be sharing them soon.
14. Project Life is making me very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. I'm reading a good book right now by Danielle Steele, love her books !!!
16. I have been doing more with the art pages from the last post and hope to finish this weekend and share them with you, loving them!!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave me your random happenings in the comments or post on your blog for me to see !!


  1. I really love your random lists, they make me smile.
    Can't wait to see the girls bedrooms its sounds like such a great colour.
    Love me :-)

  2. Love your randoms and thks for the birthday wishes. xo hugs so happy we are friends! xo love you

  3. braces, painting and basketball..oh my! sounds like a good bit of randomness! how's the snow been for ya...loved the pics you texted me!

    can't wait to see the girls''s cool they agreed on the same color. not sure my sis and i would have agreed if we shared a room. good for's teaching them good lessons all around.

    i kinda feel like january is creeping by feels nice to take it slow!

    thanks for sharing your randoms! =) always good fun!

  4. What book are you reading by Danielle Steele? I have a great 3 book series about some modern day cowboys and their loves. Would you like them? I would love to send them to you.

    Can't wait to see the girls room!

    How exciting for Kristin! Something she will never forget.

    Yay for you and Sam for reading!