Saturday, January 28, 2012


Thank you everybody for you comments on the girls's new room color!!!  I'm glad the pictures posted but they went in the wrong order, lol  at least they posted though. I'm still working on how to text with the picture I want so for now I may just do some pictures only and they should tell the story enough or I will just do some happy writing posts.

The girls both agreed pretty happily on having blue on the walls and we will accent it with green. They need new lamps and curtains and dressers. I would like to do something fun with their headboards also and then get some new bedding.

They did a great job and I'm so proud of them for doing this together and getting along during the process. When the walls were done they rearranged their stuff and cleaned and vacummed the room as well. Yes you can see the mess under the beds but it's a neat mess and we will work more on it. But just seeing this makes me happy we finally got it done. I'm going to buy some canvas and have them each paint a picture of their own to hang on the walls also. All the brown trim is going to be painted white and that will really lighten it up more. This will all take time as we will do a little over time.

I will be posting pictures tonight of  last week's Project Life pages if I can get it to work. It's not letting me post the whole pages of them. Something about the size of it, just might have to do a left side and right side only. Have a great weekend everyone and THANK YOU THANK YOU for stopping by and leaving your comments that MAKE MY DAY AND TODAY MADE MY GIRLS DAY!!!!!!

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