Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Life (photos and words finally)

A beautiful sunrise to start our day, was a stunning pink and blue one. I love starting the day with this.
Sam was happy that I made lime jello for a snack then we played some scrabble. GOOD TIMES!
These two played so good together today. Sienna kept telling Colt to play with her and coming up with little games for them to do. Here they were hiding toys under the pillows. He was laughing all morning. This makes me very happy!!
I have been drawing with Sienna in my doodle journal and she loves it. I draw flowers for her and she made the little suns and the puts a circle around each flower and a big one around all of it. LOVE LOVE THIS and seeing her enjoy doing this me.
Colt is so cute in this picture, he's flashing those baby blues hoping to get Renee's cell phone from her. He loves her phone and she always shares it with him, CUTENESS ALWAYS WINS!!!

Packing up the girls American Girl Dolls and their Webkinz, it was kinda sad for all of us. We got the girls new chests of drawers for their room. Pictures coming later on that.
The kids went to a AWESOME AND FUN PAINTING ACTIVITY AT THE LIBRARY!! LOVE these and that they will be hanging in our library.
We had dinner out at CiCi's Pizza, it is a buffet of about 9 different pizza's. They even have mac/cheese pizza and my favorite is spinach and alfredo. We stuffed ourselves on pizza and their yummy cheesy bread and dessert. So nice to go out as a family.
Here is a cute one of my Lucky sitting in the sun, always does this. Looks so sweet!!
These two played and hung out today for their day off, got lots of great photos of them. So happy they are buddies 90% of the time. She has even been giving him hugs just because.

So that is my week of photos, I know that's more then 7 but I've made collages again of the bigger moments and will squeeze them in. I also have artwork, ticket stubs, school papers and notes about Colt's menus from his mom. It is kinda nice to actually show you the pictures this time instead of my finished pages. They are still being worked on, lol.... Thankfully the text is working under each photo this time, hoping it will stay this way when I hit the publish button. I kinda got it working but still needs a little work.
On another note, some of my readers know I'm from Ohio and may have heard about the school shooting. Yes it is close to me about 20/30mts away which is way to close for me. Sadly one life has been taken and others still badly injured. It is a tragic for anyone to experience this, can't imagine the pain and worries these people are having. I'm asking you my readers to please keep these families and their community in your prayers. It will be a life changing event for many people and they need all the love and support they can get. Thank you for your help!! Hug your little ones tonight and enjoy each precious moment with them.
Thank you for visiting and all your sweet comments I've been getting. Oh and Summer is doing better with her braces. That story will also be in this weeks PL.


  1. Hi, pics look good & text under them.. yes tragic too abt chardon my managers son was only abt 10 ft away from shooter, kids ok just shook up... wear red for tuesday for chardon support!!!

  2. What another wonderful post. Love all the pictures and words, always love reading about whats going on in your lives. I was so sorry to hear about the shooting, such an awful thing. I am glad that you are all safe and well and I will send a special prayer tonight to those that need some love and support.
    love me :-)

  3. Thank you Annie for visiting and glad to hear your managers son is ok.

    Tracey, Thank you for coming by and leaving a thoughtful comment. I was so happy to get the text to work. Thank you for your added prayers, I appreciate it!!

  4. Great pictures & recap of your week. Absolutely beautiful pic of the sunrise. Also love the pic of your doggie sunbathing (mine do that too!).

    Was so sad to hear about the school shooting, praying for the entire community!

  5. Great photos. I imagine it was hard to pack up some of the kids' "toys". I don't know what I'll do when my girls are done with dolls. Half hoping my girls will want to say them for their kids... but not really wanting to store them myself.

  6. lovely photos, love that they really capture the here and now. wonderful.

  7. Awesome pictures Dawn! Looks like a super fun we was had by all. It is so very sad to pack that stuff away. A small bit of their childhood gone. Make me sad too. Our thoughts and prayers are with all in Ohio. Such a tragedy. Have a great week. p.s. that is a beautiful sunset! :-)

  8. Thank you everyone for stopping by, it makes my day to see your comments. I had a good week and lots of big moments to remember. This was fun to actually have text under my photos for once.

    Thank you also for all your prayers for this small town. They need a lot of love and support to help them thru this and stand strong again. I appreciate it so much.

  9. Sending lots of prayers to the community in Chardon.I made a post about it on my blog

  10. These photos ... touched my heart. I love them ALL. The words about what happened... even though we've touched on it through e-mail -- you know you have my support and prayers for you and your community always. You are a strong and AMAZING .. woman, mother, & friend, Dawn. ♥

  11. great photos.. and yes I've been watching the news.. so tragic... 3 ppl dead.. do tragic.. all your photos of your family are great, and your daughter is feeling better w her braces... she looks so cute in them! xo hugs

  12. Lovely memories that you captured...I can see that your project life will come together beautifully.