Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am having so much fun this week mixing up colors and trying new things. Last weekend a blog friend of mine Susan (Ariel) mentioned she was going to use black in her journal for the week and invited anybody who wanted to join her. Well, I thought it would be fun and was thinking of my first page when my hubby came home with BLACK DUCT TAPE!! I was jumping with excitment!! DUCT TAPE + WHITE SHARPIE = LOVE LOVE LOVE!! So I did some pages with it then found old gel markers and had fun with those too. Wish they had been brighter but it still looks pretty. I also did a layout about my cute and funny girls. I might go back and doodle more. The last one is a collage of hearts and which is my other obsession at the moment. I had fun with all of these and plan on doing more with black! Thanks Susan for the idea !!!
My Project Life is caught up and will be posted on Tuesday. I have some RAINBOW art coming after that!! I am really enjoying my art these last couple weeks and love mixing it all up. Thank you for all your support and excitment you share when seeing my art. It means the world to me and helps keep me motivated. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We have been busy bees cleaning and making the girls rooms pretty. Pictures of that coming up later in the week. Have a good Monday!!


  1. Love the black and white, its amazing and thanks for sharing it with us.
    Only just read the last post about renee's birthday and all the pics. What a wonderful thing you did, all that decorating. I loved looking at all the pictures, it was so wonderful to see you all together and celebrating such a wonderful time.
    love me :-)

  2. Love it all.. u hv been busy! Way to go!

  3. Tracey, thank you so much for visiting and your nice comments. I did have fun with her bday and it has inspired me to love rainbow colors now. I'm glad my art and photos make you happy, just like your blog does for me.

    Bonita, thank you dear for your comment. I had a great art week and hope for it to stay that way, lol.. totally loved your art from today though!! You are so creative!!

  4. Thank you Dawn for sharing your pages in black. The doodles on the black duct tape are awesome.It so nice to create a layout of your daughters using this theme. I sometimes combine my art with scrapbooking and get very happy with the results. I love your heart collages the best love love the texture of each one.
    Have a great creative week

  5. Thank you Ariel for the nice thoughts on my artwork. It was so funny that when you mentioned your idea my hubby came home with black duct tape so I knew this would be the first thing to play with. The heart collage is my favorite also, was so much fun!!
    Have a great week also.

  6. Glad you are back. Like the idea of drawing on the duct tape. Looks like printing on washi tape is the next in thing?! Happy Birthday to Renee, the party looks like it was awesome.