Monday, February 6, 2012


I have more weekly art journal pages for you. The computer is not letting me text between pictures. I've tried a few times so sorry I have to write it all at the bottom. I was going to do a COLOR CRAZY POST today but forgot to get the photos over the weekend. To give you a hint though it's the colors in the middle photo.... ORANGE AND GRAY.... will take pictures and show them in a few days. I will also have my Project Life pictures up later tomorrow or the next day.
THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NICE COMMENTS ON MY LAST POST. IT MAKES MY DAY SEEING THEM. I'm really enjoying these and have a few ideas planned for the rest of the month. What I like the most is making each page different and using what I'm loving at the moment.

Ok so the first picture is from the last post with the stamps on it but no writing. This is how it turned out after journaling and I added some day/date stickers. Kinda don't like the stickers but love the stamps. Will do this again for sure.
The second photo is from last week, very heavy on the gray and orange and MASKING TAPE, who knew this tape could be so fun. I love it on EVERYTHING NOW!! I did this spread day by day instead of prepping it all ahead of time. Whatever scraps of paper I had on the table is what I used. Just playing no thinking. I love all the shapes and colors and MASKING TAPE !!! Writing in WHITE is fun to.
In the last photo is for this weeks spread. I have done this before in my Art Journal class last November. I stumbled across it over the weekend on another blog and decided to do this again. There is two parts to this page, I will show you when it's all done.
So that's it my weekly pages are caught up. I have more fun stuff coming up and will be letting you know about them. Also did you see ALI EDWARDS  is doing a DAY IN THE LIFE THIS WEDNESDAY!!! SOOOO EXCITED TO DO THIS and will fit it right into my Project Life. Click on the Ali Edwards's button to read more about it. Let me know if your joining in the fun.
Have a great week and see you soon with my Project Life update. Thanks for visiting !!!


  1. I too saw the post on ali's blog but need to give it some thought. I am so busy at the moment with school going back and everything so I will see how I go when I wake up tomorrow morning... but it sounds cool.
    Loving the art, keep it up.
    Love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey, thanks for coming by. I babysit on this day and it's the day before Renee's birthday. This should be a good day for me and I esp. love that the babies are here and will give me something to record for the day.

      Our lists are coming next month, are you ready?

  2. great pages again.. u are flying! xo

  3. Hi Dawn, so funny pictures below and I love your circle journal pages (so colorful). Also thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Blog and for taking time to read and look on them. Best, Stephanie