Friday, February 17, 2012


WOW 2 POSTS TODAY!!!! Rich helped me figure out the pictures, it will take a few tries but I will get the hang of it. I thought I'd share Renee's birthday photos from last Thurs. right after the party is when my computer crashed. Didn't try doing to much text under the pics just yet in case it got all mixed up just following the pics though tells you how it went.
Renee didn't know I was going to decorate or that her dad would take a half day or that I picked up Summer from school early and she hid for the first 10mts after Renee got home. Renee was soooooo excited when Summer came out and surprised her, she was squealing and jumping up and down and then gave her a big bear hug. So worth it!!! WHY RAINBOW you ask, well ever since Renee was about 3/4 she has loved rainbows, not just rainbows but all colors. I had to dress her in multilple colors every day, she was always colorful and bright. NO PINK/PURPLE for this girl. In the few times I had parties for her though I never thought to do a rainbow party. Fast forward to 2012 and just before Renee's bday I see this idea on Stephanie Howell's blog and she realllllllly went all out for her little girl. I had half a morning to shop and decorate and get it all together but I love how it came out and it really made Renee feel special.
I had us decorate little paper plates for her and we colored on white shirts to use as night shirts, we all had fun with these ideas. Her dinner choice was Chicken &Things  (yummy chicken place by us) and the cake was red velvet her choice and our first ever. She is the only one that liked it, lol
It was such a happy time and I'm so thankful for this day and these memories with her, she's growing up so fast. Oh and I want to remember Sam's reaction when he got home, he is always the first one home and it was so funny to see him walking in and seeing all the decorations, WOW MOM THIS IS AWESOME I LOVE IT AND AFTER WALKING AND LOOKING AROUND HE SAID MOM RENEE IS GOING TO LOVE THIS AND CAN YOU DO THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!  It's been a week already since the big day, yep time is flying.
Thank you everyone for the support and good wishes this morning on my post. I appreciate and love each and everyone of you. Oh and the good news I didn't realize till later today, I order all my pictures from Walgreen's so they are ALMOST ALL THERE. The day before Renee's bday I decided to follow along with Ali Edward's DAY IN THE LIFE so I deleted my camera that morning to be ready and start fresh well I forgot that I hadn't uploaded the last few days worth of pictures so those are gone but at least all the others are still on my Walgreen's account. If you didn't see my morning post.... the news is that I got a new computer and am learning all the new functions on it. 
Take care and happy weekend!!


  1. What a happy birthday for a beautiful daughter! Love your images!

  2. Great surprise party you must have had last week. Surprisingly, even I've done a rainbow on my journal.Hope you'll be able to post all your pictures soon.
    Thank you for visiting and taking time to give your valuable comments on Ariel. Have a great weekend

  3. thank you Deb, she is my birthday queen. I took lots more pics but only picked my faves.

  4. thank you Susan for stopping by. I'm so happy I did this for her and she loved it. Will keep posting pics of Project Life and will show some art soon also. Happy Weekend.

  5. great pics, and so happy u are back online.. I sure missed you xo

  6. This is amazing! I love rainbows too, Renee!
    I love all of these pictures. The paper plate messages are so adorable. I am so glad she had such a special day.

  7. Looks like an amazing party Dawn...I am so glad that you are back online.

  8. Thank you ladies for all your great comments, Renee loves reading them. She is my birthday queen, already planning for next years!!

  9. Happy belated Birthday Renee! Your party and decorations look awesome! Dawn do did an amazing job!