Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi everyone,  here is what's making me happy the last couple weeks. I call them rainbow hearts which means they are colorful not just in actual rainbow colors. My favorite way is to just paint all over a white paper in no random order then just cut out hearts so they are mix of colors in each one, hope that makes sense for you. One night I dreamed of red/white/blue hearts and woke up early and made them. Love love these ones best I think,  they all make me happy though. The first set went into my art journal page which you see with the pink background, they came out just the way I wanted and just snowballed from there. Will probably be posting these again because I am having way to much fun making them. The last picture is what I doodled the night of Renee's birthday, it's perfectly fit for her!!! I hope these bring you some color and happiness to your day like they do for me. Thanks so much for visiting here and will be back with more fun soon!!!!!!


  1. Totally in love with all those rainbow hearts, what a wonderful way to start my day by looking at these happy hearts of colour. I love your PL pages too and I really like all the bits you added. I think its great that you add your art and doodling into the PL album, it will be so cool to look back in years to come.
    Thanks for your lovely comments about my quilting. I am getting really excited now because I can see the end in sight (I still have a bit to go but you know what I mean). I can't believe that in just a few short months I will have completed my very firt quilt. Totally makes me happy.
    Have a great day
    love me :-)

  2. I like the red/white blue ones best...... new shoes too cool lol......

  3. Got your email and rushed to see these gorgeous hearts!! Love the colours!! They look amazing I can see these being used alot! Love them in your PL pages!! So glad you had a grey day today and your hubby is so sweet ! These hearts would look great on canvas too decoupage tons of them all over the canvas and add an inspirational saying , this way you can see a little happy everyday!! Xx

  4. Tracey, thank you for always having kind words on my art. I do like including these little bits into my PL this year. Glad I could start your morning with some happiness. I'm very excited about your quilt, it's so dang cute!!

    Hi Annie, I knew you'd like the red/white/blue ones just like me.

    Angie, Thanks so much for coming over to look. These are fun and I want to put them EVERYWHERE!! I will be putting them on a canvas soon, maybe even in my girls room.

  5. These rainbow hearts are so adorable. I also love love love the little birthday doodle. That is so sweet and thoughtful of you. What a great little keepsake! I am so jealous of your art journaling!

  6. Love them! Yes, put them on a canvas... they would look fabulous!

  7. Thank you Aimee, Bonita, MOM WOW MY MOM IS HERE commenting, thank you ladies. I couldn't wait to show these to you. They are keeping me busy and soooo happy.

  8. Wow! I think Dawn you have a way with hearts.Love the contrast colors of the pink and the hearts of the first pic.
    Dawn the swirly circles on my page were stamped using a self made foam stamp.It is very economical and useful while doing art journals-:)