Thursday, August 23, 2012


Around here the battery in my car died
around here we enjoyed our birthday weekend
around here I did another page in my journal
around here I can't wait for soccer season
look how small he was, sigh
watch out for that trick left kick
around here we can't wait for school to start
this was 4 years ago, HOW CUTE
around here I can't wait for FALL!!
around here it's almost time to VOTE
around here a little boy is talking
about his birthday 2 mths. away
around here we love RED,WHITE,BLUE
around here I miss grandpa and grandma together
around here I miss Sienna being little
around here THE MIDDLE is still my fave show!!
around here I have to wear a coat in the morning it's that cold
around here I've worn jeans all week, LOVE IT
around here the kids and I LOVE CRAFT WARS
around here Sam has discovered JAMES BOND
around here Sam has new BAYWHEELS
around here Sam just lost a tooth again
around here we watched Mr. Poppers Penquins
around here the dishwasher broke
around here I'm washing dishes by hand
around here Rich and Sam take long bike rides
around here I'm thinking about December Daily
around here the girls cleaned their whole room, closets, dressers
around here Kristin sent me the BEST BDAY CARD EVER
around here Sam's new teacher called and talked with us, SO NICE
Hope you liked this little peek in our world, even a little into our past. I've been going thru our old photos and loved seeing the kids this young, kinda sad but happy too. What do you think if I did more posts like this from the OLD DAYS, haha???  Anyone think it would be fun to walk down memory lane, maybe some of you would like to do this with me??? Let me know.
The babies are coming over today and tomorrow, I MISS THEM!! Rich is taking the kids somewhere FUN today and we might sneak in a Captain's game this tomorrow or next week. This summer is going too fast, gotta squeeze in all our fun now. Hope all of you are doing well!! HUGS!


  1. Yes please Dawn more like this, love the post. Gosh i don't seem to have the time (oops no thats not right) I'm too lazy to even do a post let alone go and find old photos so i will look at yours instead.
    Such a shame we don't live next door as Joe (and yes me) are James Bond fans, Joe has all of the DVD's which he could have tossed your way.
    Cant believe your wearing a coat in the mornings the weather sure does change fast.

    1. Hi Linda, so glad you liked the post. Your comment is too funny, I get lazy sometimes also, it's normal.

      WOW that would be nice to have those DVD's, I never even watched him.

      Yes, the last two weeks have been chilly for my early morning walks with Lucky. The heat is back now though.
      Thanks for visiting, always good to see you! HUGS!

  2. this is an amazing post.. loved reading it!! I may hv to do an around here post too! U've inspired me! Love all your photos!
    xo hugs xo

    1. hello Bonita, yah for your visit!! I think you should do an around here post, all those packing boxes and beachy thoughts will be treasured!! So glad you enjoyed the post, I did too!


  3. It's so sweet to take a look at the past. Thank you for sharing! It's still in the 90's here so no coat wearing for me! I look forward to the cooler weather though.

    1. Hi Stephanie, so glad you came by!! Yes, it's sweet to look back at the kids so young. Some things I'd forgotten about too. The 90's are coming for us this weekend, so back to shorts and no coats. Crazy weather but it was a nice cool break for me.

  4. I LOVE reading your post today, a glimpse into your life and to see your kids when they were younger. That was just just 4 years back? How they've grown!:). Very sweet kids!. And yeah, tell us more. Maybe once a week would be fun too :).

    1. Hello Shahrul,
      So glad to you liked my post, it was fun and I will do it again. I can't believe how they changed in just 4 years, they look SOOO BIG now. Would love to go back 4 years and redo it all. Thanks for visiting!!

  5. Hi Friend!!
    It's been too long :( I'm so sorry..harvest has just kind of taken over our lives! But it's going well and only approx 2 weeks seems so soon for it to be over! I really enjoyed your post and going down memory lane with you, it's always so fun to get a peek in to people's lives, isn't it?! I would totally do a memory lane pos like this with you, would be fun!!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I understand being busy on the farm, it's so exciting to read about it on your blog. Thanks so much for making the time to visit. It is FUN TO PEEK at other lives. Would love for you to do a memory lane post. hugs!

  6. There is a lot happening "around there" and it is always amusing when everything is happening in reverse here in the Southern Hemisphere. We are longing for spring days and warm days and wearing sandals instead of boots.

    1. Hi Lynette, glad to see you here. I love how we have different seasons/weather also. I will send warm weather your way!! Hope you are doing well, take care dear friend!

  7. Dawn, loved pics some i never saw... what was foot one up near top?? So what was on card? Did she send gift too??
    Lol they are growing up quick

  8. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for coming by. These were old pictures so you may not remember them. The foot one is Sam's bee sting this summer and the other foot one is his kicking soccer ball. The card was just perfect and sweet and no gift.

  9. Love this 'Around here' post Dawn. Yes, I think you should posts more of the old pictures and current pictures. How fast the children are growing!! The blue, white, red combination photo of the kids is awesome.
    Have a great week with school news, art stuff, and good weather dear friend.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Glad you liked the post, it was fun! I LOVE THE RED WHITE & BLUE ALSO, we did it all the time when they were little. Thanks for the good wishes!

  10. OMG I loved this post and loved going back in time, what a great idea, hope we see more. Maybe, just maybe I will do a post too, but thats a big maybe LOL. I have to find the photos first then scan, then upload them LOL. Yep I am with Linda, way too lazy.
    Just kidding, will give it some thought though. Still thinking about DD, not really sure how I feel about it yet, might email you over the weekend and have a chat about it.
    Yah Lynette, I am hanging out for summer.
    love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey, yea you made it over to see this post. I already had these pictures on my computer so it wasn't too hard to find them, just choosing which ones to use first. I will do this again.
      Let me know about DD, not sure for me either! Stay warm over there!!

  11. You guys sure are BUSY! Lots going on at your house :) I get a bit sad looking at old photos...makes me realise how fast the time goes.
    December there's a scary thought! I do it every year, so I can't imagine not doing it again for 2012. Mind you, I have given it ZERO thought.
    I'm looking forward to Summer...LOL...but can give Spring a total's not my favourite :)
    Thanks for the peek into your life...and yes, please do it more often :)

    1. Hi there, glad you could come by. It makes me sad to see these old photos too, time is just flying by too fast for me. Love these memories though.
      Can't wait to see your DD, it is a bit early to think about it but I need to decide and plan. Spring isn't a favorite for me either.