Thursday, August 2, 2012

MORE ART!!!!!!

Hello everybody!! I'm sharing my newest art pages with you and how fabric scraps came to be on them. This was the first sketch/idea of mine, while babysitting Sienna and Colt. They were playing with their toys and having fun and suddenly an idea popped into my head, FABRIC SCRAPS!! So I made this page and 4 others while the idea was still fresh. The plan was to put scraps of fabric or paper around the page and some words about that day or moment when inspired. These two pages are for little boys and girls and all the toys/books/ etc that they play with. (click on the image to see better) I really loved this idea and just kept going with it and made one or two almost daily since these. Hoping to break out the sewing machine soon and give it a try again so that their is stitches going around the frame and holding the scraps down. Hope this is all making sense, please let me know in the comments if it doesn't. I have even more ideas that I'm working on and playing with but for now here is the pages that I made after this, have also started on some acrylic papers but will show those later with a plan for them.
I just love the added colors, imagine the borders are scraps of fabrics with those designs. I did this again with paint and love both results. Will be doing more with this page and THE HEARTS!!!
Now with paper scraps and some rub-on stitches, love these colors. Oh and the polka dotted paper on top was glued down on the wrong side, should be the blue side showing, didn't see it till too late and didn't want to rip it. Not letting it bother me.
This was in the van on way home from Salt Fork, just had to create SOMETHING.
I did this one the night we got home, was nice to be with my art stuff again.
I had an image of this page before falling asleep and got up the next morning and did it. LOVE LOVE it and HAD TO PUT GESSO ON IT, LOVE THE GESSO.
this is the back page, love the see-thru stitching lines and more gesso!
Woke up this morning with these colors in mind and got right to work on it. Went for circles this time and love the results. It's fun to add some bit of journaling to the page this way, little thoughts.
Here is the first one with fabric scraps, just kept gluing pieces down and not worried about it being perfect. Love these happy colors and wanted to sew soooo bad on this.
I had to do my favorite colors with paper scraps!! LOVE THIS ONE!! Added some flowers to the other side and will journal later or maybe scraps at the top corner. LOVE THESE COLORS!
This was from this morning, thought of it when I woke up. LOVE LOVE THIS!! Might add stitches later but for now I love the dots!!

So that is most of my art/pages, more to come later especially with fabric scraps. My mom is giving them to me in batches and I'm trying to match them to what my plans are. Hoping to really do some sewing when I can dig my machine back out and have my mom help reteach me again.
Thanks SOOOOOO much for all the wonderful comments on my PL post, it always motivates me to keep doing it and to post it. You ladies are the BEST and YOU MAKE MY DAY!! HUGS!!
Enjoy your weekend, have fun, relax, laugh, savor every moment with your loved ones.
We just went to the parade tonight that starts the weekend fair in our town, was fun and I got my first of many lemonades for the weekend. Also thanks mom for a fun outing this morning and picnic!!


  1. Love the random polka dot square, the sunshine page and quilted page with gesso. Need to figure that stuff out. Thanks for visiting my blog, loved hearing your bubble story about your dog. I love to revel in the little things.

  2. Wahooooo break out the sewing machine. Love this post and all your art pieces. Loved the flowers the most.
    Fresh lemonade, oh I am soooooo jealous would so love to taste real lemonade.
    Have a great weekend dear friend.
    love me :-)

  3. I love your pages.. and I can feel the excitement in your words.. I feel the same way.. I hv ideas, and I often get just so excited to start.. we are so much the same that way! Love them! Sadly, I already packed away my sewing machine, but u may hv inspired me to pull it back out again.. LOL... so much u can do with thread and paper! xo

  4. Oooo dawn these are great I love the square ones with the stitching around them and the flowers and the circles, actually all of them. Great idea.
    Thank you so much for the card it was a lovely surprise and I love buttons. I went to check on Tracey to make sure she was ok and she passed it on to me then.
    Have a great week.
    Looking forward to seeing some fair photos.

  5. Your new art work looks awesome. I love the circle patterns, the squares and the stitching over them and the heart with the outline using fabric is so love the fabric flowers.I think all your art pages are beautiful. Hope to see more art from you soon.

  6. Your artwork makes me feel like quilting! Love it all, so fun and inspiring!! Your color choices are so fun!! Can't wait to see what you do with all of these! Very exciting!!

  7. Thanks ladies, you made my day with all your sweet comments. I really do love doing this right now, just a couple more today and have been doodling. Have to get out my little sewing machine and do some fun stitching on them next.

  8. Such fun pages, Dawn!! Love all the details and fun things you did with each one. You are so right...we have to not worry about making it all perfect!! :) I am always battling this in my studio...sometimes I hold off on creating something til I get it just perfect in my mind, but I am really working on just going with the flow and creating...letting it be full of spontaneity! Sometimes the outcome is so much better than what I was even imagining!! Love how you are incorporating the scraps into your art; I have a basket full of fun scraps...even some my great aunt gave me...and keep thinking I need to pull them out and put them into some of my art...thanks for the reminder!! :)

  9. Great artwork!! Love the colors - glad you're using the scraps I gave you - love the circles - you need to get out your sewing machine - it will be so much fun in your designs - keep up the good work - it's obvious that it makes you happy!! love mom

  10. Dawn, I'm so inspired!. Look at them GORGEOUS patchwork on art journal. LOVE how you use the fabric & pattern paper scraps!. I'm beyond amazed here, how simple these pages are yet so stunning!. You make me want to play with pattern paper scraps now LOL. TFS! Hugs.

  11. Great your pages with inchies squares. Love it, it´s mega inspiring! And Dawn, thank you so much for your congrats!