Monday, August 6, 2012


Last week we went on a little outing with my mom, I went here as a child but haven't been back since then. We headed out early before it got to hot, most days lately are like this and it's wearing me out.
We had to see it from a distance since they have closed off the paths due to it being dangerous. Still looks beautiful to me, so peaceful and the sun shining made it even better. If the summer had more rainfall then you'd see a lot more water of course. I loved all the trees and just being there with my mom. So cool to show my kids places I've been to as a kid, sadly I barely remember being here but I'm sure it was fun back then for me. We were the only ones there so it was perfect for pictures.
I do this every chance I get now, sun shining the trees!
HOORAY for self-timers !!
The kids had rock throwing contest
Thankfully mom and I made it back up the steps
the only flowers we saw there, they were pretty
sorry not the best picture, but I want to remember this picnic. See my cell phone there
we played music and my mom would dance and sing with the kids. It was so fun to see them all laughing and my mom having fun with them. She loves country music and the songs from Burlesque, Renee also loves to sing those songs. So glad to have been out this day and make these memories. My mom also made her famous potato salad and we ate it all and the watermelon I brought. Next week we hope to visit another park from my childhood, let's hope the cooler weather is coming to stay for awhile makes it so much nicer to go out and do these things.
On the way home my mom had the kids singing loudly to our new Kelly Clarkson CD, love love hearing these kids sing in the van. This was the perfect way to end our outing. Thanks mom for sharing this day with us, can't wait to do this again next week.

I do not have my PL photos yet, it's been a busy and HOT HOT weekend. We went to our fair daily for hours at a time and sadly I didn't get any pictures. I didn't want to carry the camera, I was sticky icky sweaty all the time and the kids all went there own ways this time and that threw me all off. Every year they stay right by my side and we share it all together, not so this time.  I did have about 6 lemonades, 5 fries, 2 corn dogs and a full stomach by the end. I do want to remember some things from it though and will post it later. Hope to have my PL done for Friday if all goes as planned.
Have a great week everyone, stay cool for us in the USA and my aussie friends I will send you some of our hot temps for you to enjoy. Today was cool finally and we played outside HOORAY !!!


  1. Looks like you had a great time and have wonderful memories from this outing!

    1. Thanks Deb, it was fun and you would have loved being here, lots of trees!!

  2. Oh Dawn you can keep your hot weather thanks very much, I'm enjoying the colder weather. What a wonderful day you all had and so many memories. Just think in twenty years or so your kids just may take you back there with their kids. Deja Vu
    And how great that your mum got to spend time with you all.
    I hope it gets cooler for you, I must say you're all looking very tanned. I hope you are " slip slap slopping" that's Aussie for putting on sunscreen.

    1. Linda, haha funny noone wants the hot weather. I love fall the best and can't wait for it to come now. I told the kids that when I'm a grandma we will take their kids here and make new memories. They said ok!!
      It was nice that mom was here to share the fun. It's suppose to cool off soon and maybe even some rain!!
      The kids are very tan even with the slip slap slopping we do, how funny that you aussie's call it that.
      Take care, HUGS!

  3. What sweet memories you all are making!! Your mom sounds like she is so much fun!! What a treat to get to spend the day together and be looking forward to another outing next week...good times!! My parents are bringing my granny to see me tomorrow, and I am so excited! Such special moments with loved ones...nothing compares!! *I love the sun in the trees, too...beautiful pic, sweet friend!!! Hugs!!

    1. hello there,thanks for visiting. IT was a great day to remember even with it being such a simple and quick outing.
      How fun to see your granny, ENJOY IT AND TAKE PICTURES!! Take care, HUGS!

  4. The pics from Paine Falls are great - could tell everyone having fun - singing, bopping and dancing with the kids was the absolute best ever - thanks for going and taking me with you all - hopefully remember the day for a long, long time - we really must do more - and more often - in our spare time - bahahaha! - keep posting - love mom xoxo

    1. Hi mom,
      I will give you copies and I know you have some on your camera too, glad it all worked out that day. Hope the next outing goes just as good. I told the kids to try and remember this day, the girls said ok and Sam said I probably won't, haha that's Sam for you.
      Love you mom!

  5. The pictures do tell that you all had a great time. It's so nice to see your Mom and your kids in this post.
    Oh! Dawn even we too are hoping for cooler days. I can only leave the kids out to play after 6:30p.m It's that hot outside.
    Thank you for your encouraging words as usual on my AJ post. Today I've posted my July PL pages(some of them). Yesterday I managed to complete the writing part of it.Hope to see your PL pages soon.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Glad you enjoyed my photos, it took us all summer to finally get there.
      Let's hope for cooler weather in both our states. I enjoy the cool nights too, good for sleeping. HOORAY for your PL pages, can't wait to see them. I'll have mine up tomorrow. Take care, and stay cool. HUGS!

  6. Oh Dawn, I'm having fun too just reading your post today. What a gorgeous park, lovely day out certainly. We have lovely parks here too and I'm wondering why have I not had picnics there already LOL. Can't wait to see you PL entries. Hugs.

  7. Oh my ... looks like u had such a great time together! Yay! It looks so so beautiful there!