Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This Halloween was cold, rainy and windy all day long. That didn't stop the kids from having fun though. Here is their bags full of goodies that night. It doesn't look like much but for them it was good. Due to Sandy hitting the east coast our county decided to have trick/treating this past Sunday due to some power outages still going on. The kids got a bonus trick/treat night this year because of the power outages we have due to "Sandy". On Sunday they got to visit the other side of our town (where we use to live) and get about 4x more then you see here. They have never had that much candy before and it's making them very happy. So let's see some pictures of my crazy kids...
Here is Sam that afternoon at his school parade, he took off his mask to say hello to us. Sienna was with us too and I asked him to not scare her with the mask, so sweet that he took it off. I wish now that I'd gotten her picture too. She loved seeing her cousins in the parade.It is freezing out and the rain was drizzling at this time, poor kids had no coats on. This is the last year for Sam and the parade.
Here is my niece in the pink Katy Perry costume. She looks so pretty and grown up to me!
here is my other niece as vampire princess in the black. She is getting taller by the minute!
here is my Renee as a clown... got all these from the dollar tree.... I think she's too big for trick/treating but she says I"M GOING MOM!! She loved this wig and glasses.

here is my Summer as a cowgirl wearing a warm sweatshirt though. The kids had to bundle up tonight to stay warm. She looks cute though and did great this year, even though I told her she's too OLD for trick/treating. The kids just love getting candy though so off they went with us.
what a funny pair these two are. Summer was actually going to be a princess with a long hair blond wig then changed her mind at last minute and didn't want the wig. LOVE THESE TWO!!
sorry for the blurry photo, it's the only one he would let me get of him. This young man declared he was hot and didn't want layers or gloves on. Of course an hour later we had to come home and put layers and fresh socks and winter boots and gloves on him because he was freezing. I gave him a lecture of listening to his mom the first time. I was almost going to let him freeze as a lesson to listen next time. Good thing his awesome dad was here to take over the matter. He is a sea goblin by the way. He recounts his candy and plays with it everyday still, this kid would eat it all now if he could.
I laugh everytime I see this photo, no other year has made me laugh like this year. They are something aren't they, LOVE IT!! We usually take more photos outside but it's too yucky out and the wind makes it hard to hold a camera and an umbrella at the same time.
I put my umbrella down to get at least one shot of my FAVORITE GUY!! He was dressed in 4 layers just like me. We had a good time tonight and love talking about the past Halloweens when the kids were little. I remember 11 years ago and being big and pregnant with Sam we had fun going out that night with the girls. I was tired but hung in there for the long haul enjoying each moment with them. That night we both said ok Sam anytime you are ready come on out and meet us. I was so worried I'd have him before Halloween and miss out going with the girls. Well he kept me waiting almost  2 more weeks till we met him. Just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving our FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!
The best part, dumping and sorting and trading the candy!
I was going to share my Project Life but forgot to upload the pictures. Will be back tonight or tommorow morning to show you. I decided at the last minute to start my Thankful photos into this weeks photos. It fit better that way and I wanted room for other stories and Halloween photos. So come back soon to see those and then hoping to post my Thankfuls for this week on Friday.
Good luck to those going out to the polls today, hoping not to wait in long lines or out in the cold for some of us. I will be heading there tonight after a day with kids home and babysitting today.


  1. You are never to old for trick or treating, never. LOL. I love these photo's it just makes me want to visit more. I so love the photo of them sitting on the floor with all their candy, you can never have to much candy on halloween either LOL!
    Check instagram... put a sneak up of my DD - yes I am going to do it.
    Love me :-)

  2. Totally agree with Tracey, never too old to do anything! LOL. Must be freezing cold, wonder how Sam managed. LOVE LOVE the candy swapping time!. It's all good fun to see all these photos, TFS!. Hugs.

  3. Yes, we are never too old for Halloween or trick or treating!! I cannot wait til we have our own family and I can dress them up and take them out...it'll be my excuse to get dressed up again!
    So sorry you guys had such a cold Halloween though, that's never much fun!! We had a thick fog cover the land which added its own mix of spookiness to the holiday ;)
    Looking forward to seeing your next PL layouts!! Take care friend!