Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I thought it would be fun to share my Christmas list with you and so my family can see it too.  Most years I don't even write out a list, PROJECT LIFE is my gift!! This year though there is some things that would be great to receive. To make sure we don't get doubles of things it helps to have a seprate list for everyone. During the day today I kept jotting down a few things along with the few I had already and this is what I ended up with... pretty good list I think....

1.  13x9 glass baking dish
2.  mixing bowl to replace the one that broke
3.  a small radio for cd's, I miss listening to Christmas music so I kinda want this NOW!! haha
4. a blue Madison sweatshirt,  without the hood
6.  Visa online gift card, it's what I use to pay for my classes and/or buy from friends shop
7.  black BIC pens, the click kind
8.  pencil sharpener that WORKS!!! We have 4 in this house and they don't work
9.  JoAnns or Michael's gift cards.... SHOPPING TIME FOR ME!!
10.  Masking tape and duct tape, almost out of both

Which ones of these do I want the most #2, 5, 8.... and my PROJECT LIFE =HAPPINESS!


1. Black/brown/white 4x6 frames from Walmart, just plain and simple ones
2.  a bag holder like I had at the other house... for the plastic Wal-mart bags, NEED ONE!
3.  SOMETHING HOMEMADE, you always surprise me mom, those are always my favorite gifts of
      all.... MADE WITH LOVE..... THANKS MOM!
4.  Madison hoodie, large or xl so it's big and comfy on me
5.  The book "JOURNAL IT" by Jeanny Don it's at Amazon!!
6.  Olay face soap, forget exactly which one but any should be good
7.  A yummy dinner of roast and potatoes and carrots.... sooooo gooood!!
8.  this one is FREE.... sewing dates in 2013.... make me learn to sew and KEEP SEWING!!

Which ones do I want the most.... #2, 3, 5, 7 and I know #8 will happen!!


1. Insta max poloraid or any of them... just want those cute mini pictures
2. giftcard to Kol's and to Vanity so I can get some new pretty clothes
3. Barnes and Nobles gift card

Which one do I want the most.... #1

Annie's list.... my sister

1. first season of "THE MIDDLE" if they have it out
2. drawer organziers for my scrap/art stuff.... medium and small ones to stack ... plain white ones
3.  The newest Food Network magazine

Which ones do I want most...#2 I reallly need but I would LOVE #1

HEATHER'S LIST.... my other sister
1. Gift card to this shop in our town??? Forget the name but she goes there a lot
2.  Anything with the word STORY on it for my OLW next year
3. for her to cook me something 1x a month... she makes AWESOME food!!
4. Outback giftcard

which one do I really want ..... #3 her food is that good!!  She has surprised me with two meals lately and they are sooooo good and leaves me craving for more.

WOW, that is that list too long??   Believe me I'm not expecting all or even half this, just fun to write it down and actually think about what "I" would want for a change. I always love a good list and think this will find it's way into my December Daily.

So what are some things on your WISH LIST?? Would LOVE to see them, blog about it or leave me a comment with your list. Of course if Santa wants he could send me that winning lottery ticket so we could all meet up for a weekend. Anyone know what those darn winning numbers are yet???

Thanks for the comments on my last post. I will be doing more "WORDS" only posts till I get my computer issue fixed. Seems I need to upgrade my blogger since I ran out of FREE space/photos. Hoping to do this in the next couple weeks. My December Daily is coming along nicely, my mom spent the day sewing on some of the pages for me, aaahhh love what she did!! I also worked on some Christmas surprises.... so excited!! Have a great last week of November!!


  1. Well dawn i umm already got you something so ill think about your list..
    1. Gift cards, target, walmart, giant eagle, longhorn, cracker barrel, barnes/noble
    2. Patio pretty for next summer
    3. Dvd of twilights movies, last 2 of harry potter, tinker bell secret of wings,
    4. Ghost hunter(jason hawes, grant wilson, authors) books
    5. Anything thomas kinkade, irishy things
    6. Kitchen dishcloths(tuscan colors)
    7. Regular cool weather pj
    8. Xmas decor new one for new place
    9. Alarm clock radio
    Thats all i can think of , took a bit of thinking for this much......
    Ohh pier 1 gift card
    Subscription 1 year of t.a.p.s paramagazine
    Lol dawn

  2. Pj, medium, large
    Umm also cooked dinner
    Roast, fried chicken, lasagna,
    Do like homemade stuff if room to display or put up, need new tuscan table runner or piece in middle of endtables, ask mom on colors......

    1. Thanks for your list and can't wait to see what you got me already!!

  3. wonderful lists! Hoping u get all your dream of. xo

    1. Thanks Bonita, you know in my heart though all I want is PEACE!!

  4. A Christmas list is a great thing, I must get my kids to write a list as I ave no idea what to get them this Christmas.

    1. Hi Linda, I still need lists from my kids too. The older they get the harder it is to shop for.

  5. Hi my friend
    Love your lists! Hoping you get all you wished for & more!! I cannot believe tomorrow is the first of December, I'm so excited!!
    Cannot wait to see your DD project..mine is coming along nicely and I just can't wait to watch it grow & develop thru-out the month!! Have a great last day of November!!

    1. Hi Dawn! I'm excited for December too and my DD is so neat this year. Hope to be posting pictures soon. Thank you for the wishes and same back to you!

      p.s. YEA now we can IG !!

  6. Hi Dawn..yes I am on Instagram!! FARMGIRLSK is where you'll find me!!

  7. lol. so many wish list/things to do list!!. but somehow, these are HAPPY HAPPY list! hooray for you being so organized!. i didn't come online just to rest, so many things to catch up with and LOVE LOVE reading wonderful things here :). I'm going to start writing down my list, aHH so inspiring :). BUT for now, I want to get better, lol. I don't like cold that lingers. keep warm!

  8. Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love that you posted your Christmas wish lists! I am asking for black bic click pens as well! And sharpies! I am bought the project life kit 2 years ago and didn't stick with it so here it sits half done. Pretty discouraging so not sure if I will try it again. :( I will pop back to your blog througout the month to read your DD and PL posts.
    Oh, and I have chosen my OLW for 2013 as well. It is Cultivate. :) Merry Christmas!