Saturday, November 10, 2012


Thankful day 4... my church.... my friends... my family... my joy...I have to be here EVERY SUNDAY... it's HOME to me and where I need to be .....
Thankful day 5... my slippers and cozy pj's at the end of a day
Thankful day 5 again... the SUN... the trees... the leaves... NATURE EVERYDAY
Thankful day 6...big cousins and little cousins playing...LOVE THIS!!
Thankful for the right to VOTE today also!!
Thankful day 7...the SUNRISE!! It's been weeks and I missed it so much. Look at those big beautiful clouds too, this is what I'm thankful for EVERYDAY!! It never gets old!!

Thankful day 8... this little sweet sweet boy who waves bye to me at least 5 times while walking down the sidewalk, it's soooo dang cute and melts my heart everytime. I am soooo thankful that I FINALLY got a picture of this to remember it. Sonja, I know this will make you smile too. So happy I can share this with you, he does it EVERYTIME, LOVE THIS!! So lucky to have them in my life.
Thankful day 9... SURPRISES... today was filled with them and I want to remember that these are the best parts of life.  I'm so glad this word came up today and stayed with me, slowing me down and just being SO very thankful for all I have. My hubby was a big part of that today, LOVE THIS MAN!
Thankful day 10... for this boy... my last baby...turned 11 TODAY... here he is singing happy birthday along with us to himself ...he was so happy... pumpkin pie instead of haircut...thankful for this only boy of mine... for him being happy and healthy... all the fun and energy he brings to this house... Happy Birthday SAM!!!
Thankful day 10 TODAY AGAIN... for the amazing technology in this world so Kristin could facetime with Sam during the party and sing with us and enjoy his big day. I am soooo thankful that I got to see her gorgeous face and talk with her. We/ I miss her soooo much. THIS MADE MY DAY...
This week has been filled with so many amazing moments, so thankful for them and a way to record them. These pictures will be pritned and put into my PL for the week. We are still doing our thankful leaves too, will post that next time I hope. Hope you are finding a little thanks everyday too.
I am linking this post up to http://cathyzielske's 30 days of Thanks project. It's been so fun to read the other peoples blogs that are linked up for this project of hers. So thankful for her doing this and letting us link up with her. Head over to read more thankful posts like mine.
Are you thinking about Christmas cards yet??? Well, my awesome friend Dawn just made her very own Christmas cards and they are so pretty and fun. Do you like kraft and red? Whimsy? She has made a quite a selection to choose from and put them in her holiday shop. Take a quick peek over at her blog  and check them out. You will love them.
Thanks everyone for comments on my last posts and all the birthday wishes for Sam, he had a great day. Most of you know he asked for snow and instead we got a warm sunny day. Better luck next year I told him. I will do a birthday post sometime next week. Have a good weekend! HUGS!


  1. What a wonderful post, so many things to be thankful for. Love that photo of sam, your daughter and facetime, sometime electronics are just the best.
    love me :-)

  2. Totally agree with Tracey here. So many wonderful things to be thankful for. Happy Birthday Sam!!. Aren't we all thankful for technology?. Great day for Sam. My heart melts too looking at the cute little angel waving you goodbyes!. LOVE LOVE this post :).

  3. great photos..... wow.... u had a great great week! xo

  4. Nice pictures - we had a great time at the party - it was all so cool - thanks for the invite - glad he's happy - pumpkin pie and all!

  5. Yep cute waves, party was good, loved that dip, pizza and pumpkin pie... facetime very cool!!! Loved what i could see of her place too..hes still young not teenager yet enjoy innocence of it !!! Glad he enjoyed it, gifts and some snow today...

  6. Video should go same way as pic i mite try short clip to mine on phone , see if it works