Monday, April 15, 2013


I have been collaging with some flyers from our Disney trip and had to share them with you. These were fun and no stress to make, great way to jot down a few memories while they are still fresh. Still a few more to do but these were a great start and tell a story already all on their own without actually having to use my pictures. Finally uploaded all 525 pictures from the trip and delted about 20 for now. I think that's a good amount of pictures for a week long trip, could have been higher but it's not that easy to get pictures at Disney, too crowded and people all around to get good shots. So I took what I could with my camera and have about 100 on my phone too. Didn't want to make it all about pictures and not being in the moment, pretty happy with the results. Click on images to see better.
My house is quiet, only me and the pets are here. The kids are back to school and Rich back to work, feels weird already. I miss them and yet like the first quiet time to myself in over two weeks. Going to do chores and fun stuff to keep it balanced. The weather today is looking warm and partly sunny too, yippee!! I posted a little about our trip yesterday if you want to scroll down to read that also. Thank you to those who commented on it, so nice to share again with you.
I will be doing a post on meeting my blog friend Bonita soon also, wanting to get the pictures in there, hers came out sooooo awesome! We had a great time and it was amazing to meet her and Greg, so awesome to live on the beach like this. The weather was hot and wonderful for a beach day. Thank you Bonita, kids are still talking about it and how great their tans are from that day, ha!!
Have a lovely Monday everyone!


  1. You go girl.. way to go.. these look fabulous!

  2. Ohh now i see, my bookmark on blog didnt update....looks like fun time....

  3. So fun!! Can't wait to see more :) I haven't done a thing with my pictures from our trip to Disneyland in Octoer so, you're kicking my butt!! Nicely done :)

  4. This is awesome!!. Almost like a journal :). I love flyers from traveling, they help to tell the story. LOVE the big space, something different from PL. It's weird alright when suddenly you are left at home right after vacation. But no matter, I bet the pets won't let you feel alone anytime soon, they missed ya!. Can't wait to see beach entry :). HUGS. Oh, take a rest too!

  5. Great collage work Dawn. With this book and the PL photos you have a complete record of the wonderful time you had at Disney. The pictures here are so tempting that I very badly want to make a trip to Disney. Just waiting for my 2 year old to get a bit older so that he can enjoy it well.
    Wishing you a great week with fun and creativity.

  6. Hi Dawn! It looks like you had a wonderful time in Disney World!! I loved seeing your collage pages!! And heating about your trip, too! I can't wait to hear all about your meeting Bonita, too! Thank you do much got sharing a little bit of you! I love coming to your blog, my friend! And I also want to thank you for your wonderful comments left at mine!! Hope you are having a great Thursday! It's kind of cloudy and gloomy here, but at least it's warm!!

  7. Great idea to keep the fliers and put them in a journal, I must remember this.