Tuesday, April 30, 2013


HELLO PROJECT LIFE!! This is probably the longest I've ever gone not having a PL post, kinda sad isn't it. This whole month has flown by and catching up on Pl isn't my favorite thing to do, part of it felt like a chore and other part thrilled to see the pictures and stories I'd forgotten about. I'm sharing 2 weeks here I think and then will share the others that are DONE in a couple days. I didn't do the week from Disney yet, still working on it but will get it done and share it with you.
This first page is from the week leading up to Easter. The big news that week was the window Sam broke throwing a snowball at the house. I was right there to see him throw it and his shocked reaction on his face, not a good moment for us. There is an insert to hold 3 4x6 photos which is what you see and in the next picture is it turned over with the pictures and the right side of the page. Love seeing all the fun Easter pictures.
The next pages are from Easter break which started the day after Easter which was also mine and Rich's anniversary. I added the envelope from the card he bought me and wrote on the back of it which you see in the picture below it. I also added a SPRING insert to show that it's APRIL now. I left the back of this blank, thinking about writing all about April and adding it to the back. Can't believe I'm writing about April 1st and tomorrow is May 1st, soooo weird to post this so close to each other. I love these pictures from our break, fun times with the kids and our first time to Scooter Dogs this year, was finally warm enough and we were excited to eat there. Having the little ones over that week made it extra fun and chances for group pictures. The top one in the middle is hard to see but Summer was making hand shadows in the sunlight and Colt was jumping on it and trying to catch it while Summer kept moving it around, soooo funny to see Colt having fun and laughing so hard. Took me 4 times to get this shadow picture of us outside too, hated cutting it but only way it would fit. I had so many cute pictures I had to add that extra one and just make it a long week.
We left for Florida after that so my page of us leaving will start on the right side of this last photo above, kinda weird to break it up this way but also works with the photos I had.
So now I'm caught up and happy to share these with you finally and more in a few days. Today was also Day In The Life with Ali Edward's which I decided to do this time around. So glad to have the memories today, was a great day to do it. The weather is amazing and warm and will last all week. The patio door is open and I've heard birds and lawn mowing all day long!!The kids are breaking out the shorts and flip flops again and it feels so good.
Hope all of you are doing good and Happy May to you!! Thank you for the comments on my Disney posts, was so fun to share them with you. HUGS!


  1. Hi Dawn! So fun to see a project life post from you! I love all of the ephemera you included this time - looks great!

  2. So happy to see your PL pages, Dawn! It has been a long time! I absolutely love how you scrapped the snowball through the window. I can't believe that you had snow on the ground at Easter!!! And everything else looks fantastic. I can't wait to see what you do with your Disney photos and PL, too!

  3. Sorry but I am still laughing about Sam throwing the snowball and breaking the window. I know its not funny but I can just imagine the look on his face and your comment about it not being being a good moment for you both.
    I love hearing about your seasons and how different they are to mine. While you are breaking out the flip flops (thongs here in Oz) we are desperately wanting to put ours away and get out our winter woolies. Its been so hot here for so long, we are over it.
    Love seeing your project life, you keep me inspired to keep going. I am so happy that I am finally caught up...its a good feeling.
    love me :-)

  4. Hi Dawn!

    Yay for getting caught up on PL!! Way to go :) I know it's not your favourite thing to do, I'm definitely learning this as I was so far behind, but you're right..it's fun going thru the pictures again and seeing what life was like even just a month ago, because it can so easily be forgotten!! So good on you..you're doing awesome!

    I'm excited to see how you do your Disney pages as well, I'm sure you collected lots of goodies to include as well and that will be fun to look back on!

    I have been working steadily on my PL album as well, I'm currently only 8 weeks behind (much better than 14!!) and I'm keeping up with it his time. This week, I already have Mon-Wed planned out!! Love keeping up while everything is fresh

    I have been trying to work on Weeks 4, 5 & 6 and I'm struggling. Week 4 was the week I left on holidays and week 5 is when we flew home on an emergency flight so I could say goodbye to my dad. Week 6 was the first week after his death and it makes me very anxious to go back there. I thought I was ready but I really don't think I am. So that will just have to wait for now until I'm ready!!

    Have a great Thursday my friend!!

  5. Isn't time flying? I'm sure after some time when you go through this album you are going to laugh at Sam's snowball moment.That is the best part of PL. And Dawn, don't worry about being behind with the PL think abt me, I'm going to post March PL this week. You've done it yippee...
    Enjoy the great weather

  6. Hi Dawn! thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I can't believe that Rich was watching that game that we went to see! That would have been fantastic if you had been watching too and seen us!!!! I am going to tell my hubby about it today during our drive to Penn State! YAY!!! I hope you have a beautiful day, Dawn. Our weather is supposed to be perfect again. I LOVE Spring!!!! Take care, Sharon

  7. I love your last lines..the door was open and what you can hear. I can just picture it in my mind. Poor Sam i can imagine his face it must have been one of shock horror dread.
    The feeling of being caught up is great isn't it, thats why i do my one pagers i hate being behind although this week will be a two pager with all of my Amy Tan photos.
    Happy May to you and your family, sorry its been a while since i popped in,there is a lot going on here, mainly Andrew hurst his back on MY holidays and i have spent the last week running to and from doctors and MRI's and hospital. he has to have neuro surgery on Thursday one shattered disc and the disc under that is protuding into his spinal column, he cant walk more than about 10 meters and dont ask us how it happened as we dont know. The doctors are amazed as they are calling it major trauma and equal to someone that had been in a severe car accident or fallen 20 feet off a ladder.
    Anyway thats my news with all that going on i will have to make time to get my PL done.