Thursday, April 18, 2013


This was our first full day there and so our first park, ANIMAL KINGDOM!! It was our first time there and I LOVED IT!! It is all of ours but Sam's favorite park, for me it was the nature and outdoors,trees, smallness of the park and I always love the first of everything. The others like it because it was small and easy first day. Sam wanted more rides and fun. Taking pictures in these parks is hard, you have crowds coming at you at all time, trying to find one good spot and zoom in for photos didn't always work, some people don't even move around you they walk right at us or in front of me taking pictures. So I decided to just enjoy being here and getting whatever pictures I could, also didn't want to keep making us stop and making kids pose for too many photos.
Remember you can click on these images to see better. There is one half way down I think, it's a picture of our picture that they take while you are on rides. Sometimes you know when they will click and other times you don't, haha! Instead of spending money buying all these photos from them, we would sneak and take some of the tv screens at the end of rides and will just use these to remember them by. Hope this makes sense, if not just let me know.
At this park, we went on the Mt. Everest ride first, huge roller coaster up the side of that snow mountain picture you see, we all loved it and screamed, laughed and hung on tight. Summer and Sam actually went on it 2 more times. Kinda wish I had done it one more time too. Then we went on the Wild Water Raft ride which you see in the second from last photo, hurry and took it before my camera would get wet. This ride was soooo funny, we knew we'd get wet but not HOW WET!! The people getting off the ride didn't always look that wet but don't let that fool you folks. Summer was the one who didn't want that wet, then me and the others were ok about it. Well while riding up on this ride it turned and then we were headed down a fall and you can't see ahead to know what will happen. BAM a HUGE HUGE amount over water came and Renee and I saw it then looked at the other 3, YES THEY WERE GOING TO GET SOAKED!!  Oh man, do we wish to have there faces on film, the shock of the water, the amount of water and probably kinda cold too. We were laughing sooo hard and Rich's face was so shocked even after we got off the ride. I hope they will remember this ride forever, I know Renee and I won't forget their faces. We tried to go on this again later but the line was huge and the fast pass for this was hours later so we just passed.
The only parade we got to see was at this park, LOVE LOVE them!! It was so hard again to get pictgures, my camera wouldn't click on time so I missed a lot.
The Tree Of Life was our favorite, I LOVE THIS!! We went under/inside of it for a Bug's Life Show, we didn't have to wait and it was fun. It was about being kind to bugs and all they have to go thru, we laughed so hard. It's in 3D which made it even cooler with the bugs good and bad ones coming at you and doing things to us. That was the first thing we did at the park, was a great start.
Later that day we also stopped for a FLYING show, all about birds. This was of course funny, amazing tricks and GORGEOUS birds. I have more pictures on my phone from this show. Still haven't uploaded my phone ones yet. Will be doing that later and sharing some of my favorites later on from there too. They also recycle at this park and show/talk about way to make the earth better and help these animals who need us to find homes and food for them. YEP WE LOVED THIS!!
The kids thanked us all night and we went out to Pizza Hut afterwards. I was sooo hungry and the pizza and pop was sooooo good. The kids went swimming back at the hotel and crashed right along with Rich and I that night.
Thanks for hanging in there if you did for the photos and the details of the day. I LOVED retelling and relooking back at these, makes me want to go back again, NOW!!
I will post our next park EPCOT either this weekend or on Monday, want to make sure everyone gets too see them.
Also want to say Hello to Nancy, my friend here at home. Hope your week has been good, spring is slowly coming, YIPPEE!!  Just want you to know that I won't be coming to the crop on Saturday, too busy. Will see you Sunday at church though! Enjoy this gorgous day we are having today!!


  1. Great photos and loved reading about your first day. I love this kind of documenting that you are doing on your blog.It is nostalgic to you and very helpful for people like me who are waiting to make a trip to Disney.That Tree of life is just awesome. Waiting to hear about Epcot park next.

  2. It looks like you had so much fun! Great photos! I remember that tree of life - it was so cool, and so was the 3D Bug's Life - loved that! It's fun to hear about your experience at Disney!

  3. Great fun reading your adventure & family time. LOVE seeing all the photos, felt like I was there as well. Yeah, can be tricky to take photos when people move about every where :). I really LOVE that tree, thought seen in in a movie somewhere, or was it in Narnia??. I'm actually terrified of water rides more than the magic mountain rides, it's the water!!. Falling off edges and then water gushing at you is scary, but to think about it later was FUN, nonetheless.

  4. Oh Dawn! I love your photos so much! I especially liked Animal Kingdom when we were there!!!! So cool! I loved the far away feel I got when we walked in there!!! Your photos are wonderful and it looks like you all had a great time!! The tree of life - ahhhhhh - spectacular! and the Mt Everest Ride - EEEEEEK!!!!!!

  5. Love your photos!! Looks like SO much fun! I can't wait to someday get to see Disney World and all it's amazing parks. Animal Kingdom would definitely be a favorite of mine..I already know that :)

    Are you feeling overwhelmed with choosing photos for your PL pages? I know that happens to me anytime we go somewhere too. I had seen Ann Marie Morris do a wonderful job last year when she went to New York, tons of different sized inserts with all her memorabilia..I'd love to do something like that for our trips!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the recipe for looks delicious! You are so sweet to have taken the time out of your day to sit and type that up for me! Cannot wait to try it!!

    Also, I went to town yesterday and I found a sweet little "treat" in my mailbox..thank you so much for sending me that postcard while you were on holidays, sure made me smile!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend! Adam and I are just cruising down the highway in one of our semis, going to a plant 4 hours North of us to pick up mustard seed then turning around and heading right back home..going to be a long day! Been up since 4:45!! Take care!!

  6. Love looking at all the photos, now I need to go to the post before and read that.

    1. And reading all the details to go with the photos. That tree of life looks amazing

  7. Thanks ladies for your visits and comments. So happy to share these vacation pictures with you! It was fun to be there and feel the warm sun everyday too. can't wait to go back!