Monday, April 22, 2013


Here was Day 2 at EPCOT,  it was so pretty with flowers everywhere. This park felt so much like spring and that was what I needed and was hoping to bring back with me. It was another HOT day and we were feeling it by the afternoon, took that time to see some shows so we could be inside with the cool air. The only problem was that Rich and I would fall asleep during these, haha all we have to do is sit and we fall asleep. That's why we don't sit too much at home, like keeping busy and doing things. The shows we saw were the NEMO"S Musical, kinda boring for the kids but Rich and I napped for the 40mts. Then we went to the gift store and the kids bought new stuffed charcters with the Disney cards my sister got them, THANKS ANNIE!! That kept us cool for 40mts too. We also saw the Ellen Degenres show, Renee loves her. This was ok, was about sceince and I kinda dozed thru it. Felt like between these 3 things it took most of our morning, along with some photos which I LOVE. We also saw a group of men playing music with their garbage cans, THIS WAS SOOOO AWESOME AND FUN!! They were so talented and funny and was one of our top favorites of the day.
The rides we rode on were SOARIN, which was cool except for mine and Summer's fear of heights. It was like sitting in a sing up high and you traveled the world and made you feel like you were flying thru mountains, soarin above water and smells from the trees were nice and other fun stuff. We were lucky to get right in line for this ride with about a 15mt wait which isn't too bad.
The next ride was the COOLEST!! It's called TEST TRACK and you get to build and design your own car to race in. The kids designed theirs and Rich and I did ours, glad I could take some photos of the cars in process. The riding/race part was pretty fun and better then I thought it would be. Sam wanted to keep racing and sad we only got to do one lap. By the way it wasn't a real car or race of couse, just made you think/feel like it was. This ride took about 20mts to wait for, not bad.
We also took a boat ride in NORWAY, per teachers request for extra bonus points for Renee and Sam. We had to find this ride and got there just in time for the ride. This was ok, Rich and I were together and we can dozed thru it. haha sorry folks I guess we are old and get tired quickly. Blame it on the heat and lack of sleeping good in the hotel beds.
Was fun to get some character photos, the kids had mixed feelings about these and that started some arguements. Some of us wanted to wait in lines for them and others wanted to keep going.
The other ride was one for the FUTUREWORLD and pick what kinda of future you'd like to have. Rich and I were in this car and picked one that was earth friendly, they take your picture and use these to show you doing things in your story. Sooooo funny to see Rich and mine's heads bopping around on the screen. Rich rode his bike to work and I was home planting and watering the flowers. Our meals came from the garden and our house was made of all natural products and had a solar panels, soooo cool. There was different items we could have chosen but this was so perfect for us.
The other big ride we had to keep checking on to open, due to some issues they opened late. The write up for this one said it will make you sick and they give you barf bags, well Sam decided not to ride on it and sat out with me. Rich and the girls came back saying it was pretty cool and they had a mild ride if you didn't want to do the more extreme one. Well the line was too long to wait in so Sam missed out on that one and was bummed about it.
I would say this was our least favorite parks, didn't have much the kids were interested in and spent most of the day in lines/shows which kept us cool but wasn't that exciting. Not complaining, just stating how we felt and how the day went. I still say it was BEAUTIFUL everywhere and that alone made me happy. The kids thought there would be a lot more rides like the amusement parks back at home, these rides at Disney are not all like that.
Thanks so much for reading my ANIMAL KINGDOM post before, love sharing these with you and reading your comments. If you didn't see that post, scroll down to the one before this one. It was my favorite park that we went to.
Our next outing was meeting Bonita and Greg at their GORGEOUS beach house. I'm not kidding, the kids still talk about this and how fun it was and they want to live there. I was soooo thrilled to finally meet her and had the best time. Wish it could have lasted longer but I will go back on my own one day. I will post these pictures in a couple days.

HUGS AND PRAYERS going out to all those suffering in the tragedy's in this past week. Still shocked by these and wishing for no more of these tragedy's.

On a better note though, HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE!!


  1. Looks like another fun day at Disney! That's funny about the kids arguing about the character photos. I could totally see that happening. Love hearing about the things you did - it gives me ideas for next time we go to Disney! Have a good week Dawn!

  2. WOW, this park is beautiful with all these lovely flowers!. Yup, that alone made my day :). I think building & driving your own car is fun, how cool you could made them!. I'm not so thrilled with these rides now that I'm older, I probably be taking naps too :). Can't wait to see photos from the beach! HUGS.

  3. we loved having u here... pls come back.. u all are welcome back anytime.. we loved getting to know you all! xo

  4. It really does look like the happiest place on Earth!

  5. I really loved seeing the pictures especially of the flowers. As it is cold the blooms are late here so just enjoyed your pictures.
    Will check on the next post now.

  6. I loved seeing your photos from EPCOT, Dawn!! Brought back memories from our trip last year! Wasn't Test Track awesome?? And all of the topiaries!!!? Thanks once again for sharing your amazing trip with us!! I loved reading about it, too!
    I hope all is well with you and your family, Dawn!! Take care!