Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hello, we are back from Disney!! Had a great trip with awesome hot hot sunny weather, we needed and wanted it so much. Sadly it didn't follow us home and while we were gone it was rainy and cool at home still. Looks like decent temps will be starting this week but I'm reallllllly ready for SPRING WEATHER and FLOWERS AND GREEN!! We saw were people had already been mowing already and trees were green and flowers everywhere, this was just below our state. Some of my blog friends even got more snow again, feel so bad for you. Come on spring we are still waiting for you to really arrive and STAY!!

It was so good to come home to see Lucky, wasn't quite sure what the reaction would be, thankfully we are still loved and forgiven for leaving. The house was clean and sparkly,thanks Annie for all you did for us while gone. I've already got the laundry done and everything unpacked and started collaging about our trip.  I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, kinda nervous and overwhelmed at the same time. Want to keep PL simple as possible for that week, hope to have it done sometime next week, no rush. I do plan on sharing about our trip before even showing the PL pages, will be more fun and easier to tell the story.

I have to say that Disney is still as magical as it was 9 years ago when we went and will always be magical to me. It was so different going with older kids this time around, no diaper changes, naps, strollers and little kiddie rides. We had a good time with a few bumps thrown in which is to be expected and thanks to the pep talk I had with Sonja before the trip it helped me keep my patience and letting go of "perfect". 

We actually talked with a worker there and she was from our hometown. I have to say the whole way down not one car did we see from Ohio, not even at the parks. So it was pretty cool that we ran into this lady. She and her hubby were tired of the cold, snow and long winters of Ohio and knew they always loved Disney. So they packed their bags and moved down there and got jobs at the Disney parks. They are beyond happy there and love their jobs and the great weather. This is what I've always said too, working there would be a dream and make me happy too. Keeping it in our future plans after Rich retires.
We also heard a young man of 20 tell a family he's planning on working at Disney till he's old and can't work anymore. He loved the job and the community and meeting folks from all over the world. Isn't it great what this magical place can do for people. LOVE IT!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Thanks so much for reading and for your comments. Oh and thanks for keeping Lucky in your prayers for us last week, means a lot to all of us.  HUGS!!


  1. Wahoooo so great to have you back. So glad to hear that your holiday was great and I so loved seeing all the sneaks on Instgram.
    I agree, Disney is always magic no matter how hold you are.
    If it makes you feel better we are well and truly over summer here, it is hot hot hot and we don't want it anymore. so when you are ready just send winter over this way and I will send over some hot weather. Looking forward to seeing all the pics.
    Love me :-)

  2. Your welcome dawn. Glad you had fun
    Someday i want to get back there, 11 years old was a whole different outlook...of course lucky was and is fine ...cant wait to see other pics than ig ones.. lol

  3. Your welcome dawn. Glad you had fun
    Someday i want to get back there, 11 years old was a whole different outlook...of course lucky was and is fine ...cant wait to see other pics than ig ones.. lol

  4. Happy to read this post Dawn. I can't believe you already did your laundry , aren't you tired??:) Good to hear that Lucky was well taken care of. I sent you a mail today. Hope this week we have good weather.Take care and waiting to see your Disney pics.

  5. Welcome home, Dawn! It was wonderful to read that you had a great time and that Disney World was just as magical this time as it was 9 years ago! YAY!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful visit to my blog and for your amazing comments! You always brighten my day! And I am really looking forward to seeing your pictures! Have a good day, my friend!