Saturday, June 1, 2013


Today I got to babysit just this sweet girl, almost 5 and growing up so fast. Her brother was home sick so it was just us girls. Can't even remember the last time I only had just HER! This was also Day in the Life as you know Ali Edward's is doing this all year on the last day of every month. So thankful for this day and these pictures of Sienna. Without her brother here I saw just how big she's getting and full of personality. This girl was made for smiling, we talked about how God gave her the prettiest smile and wanted her to use it make others happy and she smiles a lot because she's so happy. MELT MY HEART!! There is an upcoming wedding she's very excited about traveling too and is the flower girl which means a special dress and shoes. Anyone who knows her knows her favorite thing is dresses and pretty shoes. We talked about this all day and about the long traveling for it, soooo cute. She decided we should make Colt get well cards, melt my heart again sweet girl. While we colored she sang some of our songs we hear at church. She also said daddy plays them in the car and she loves to hear them. We sang them together since they are my favorites too. We also played at the park, she likes to run back and forth to all the equipment. Love that I got this photo above, captures her perfectly!! Oh Miss Sienna, how did you grow up so fast!! Rich came home early and we went out back to walk Lucky together. Oh man, she is so good to Lucky, loves and takes care of him. Is just starting to play ball with Lucky, I had her wait till she was big and waits till he gives the ball to her and not take it from his mouth. These two are sweet together and best buddies. Sonja, she asks me all the time when she will get a dog, I told her that Lucky is also her dog and that she has Aunt Ingrid's dogs too and that's enough dogs for her to take care of. Hoping this will work for a few more years, haha good luck!!  Below are the rest of today's pictures of Sienna, thankful she let me get them and that we had this wonderful day together. Now I have to share her with my kids over the summer, of course when they are here she only wants them. SIGH!
and this one, sigh
Thank you Sienna for a wonderful day together
I want to remember how warm it was today. Last Friday for Sam's Olympic's it was so cold we had our winter stuff on and the heat on all day. Amazing how crazy the weather can be.
A few hours after Sienna left this is what the sky looked like. We were trying to beat the storm coming our way on way back from the mall. Dawn this made me think of you and how much you love a good storm. Said a prayer for you and your dad.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the comments on my last post! I will have more collages coming up, pink and yellow are on my mind this time.


  1. Hi Dawn! Looks like you had an amazing time babysitting! Sienna is beautiful, and it's fun to have one-on-one time, isn't' it?! I love the photos that you took, too! I hope you stayed safe during that storm - the sky looked ominous, but your photo is beautiful! We had really cold weather here last weekend too - went to a baseball game and wore winter coats, hats, and gloves on Friday night!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful post Dawn. You obviously think the world of this little girl!

  3. Wonderful girls day out!!!. She is the sweetest angel I saw this morning :). Don't grow up so fast, little girl ... I can feel the happiness, the giggles and the smell of summer from here!. The storm clouds is beautiful too, even when it looks a wee bit scary. Hope you'd be sheltered from the wind. HUGS.

  4. Your love for Sienna shines through this post. She is a lovely little girl.

  5. She's gorgeous! AND I LOVE how you said she was meant for smiling! Such a lovely perspective. AND Yay for SOC - it's gonna be fun! xoxo