Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PROJECT LIFE....2 weeks caught up

HELLO PROJECT LIFE!! I'm caught up and finally getting to share with you! I loved putting these 2 weeks together. They are filled with kids being home and outdoor fun photos, gotta love that. I can't believe these were two weeks ago, feels so far away already. We've just had a heat wave and now some rain and cold is coming which will be refreshing. How about some close ups...
here is the left side, filled with baseball and little bit of soccer fun. We are still playing catch around here and I'm happy about that. It was nice to take in a ball game right now with us liking baseball at this time. I had a foul ball fall at my feet, second time this has happened. I'm not even trying or anything and wham there it is right at my feet each time. The bottom corner is Sam's team picture from the last soccer game, man he loved it this season. It took him 8 years to finally get his favorite color shirt. We can't wait to play again in the fall. You can click on the images to see better.
Here is the right side, love this page! See that School's Out for the Summer card, that is my first freebie download from the GREAT Cathy Z. her link is on the right of my blog. I decided to play with those colors on this side. Look at that amazing sunrise, was so lucky to have my camera and timing for my walk with Lucky that morning. Then later that day it turned into a gray rainy day. The top two pictures are from the little ones being here, we did the same bridge picture last year. So neat to see how much the little ones have grown since then. The green/blue tape card is for the SOC colors that week, going to try and do that every week to help me remember. Also wrote about our games day and the Let's Get Trendy Now workshop. Yep, I was enjoying life that week, it felt like summer.
Here is last week's pages, TRULY TRULY LOVE THEM!! There is one special card that played a big part in this week's pages. I actually teared up and realized again how lucky I am for my family, friends, memories, good, bad and in between. This week felt so real for me in a way it hasn't before, not sure how to explain but my heart was overcome with JOY. Here is a close up of the card...
This one little card summed it up pretty well !! I am thankful from the moment I get up till bedtime, all the little things, I don't look just for the big things nope I'm a simple girl. Take my Sam who has eaten all his dinner for the last 3 nights and hasn't had a snack before bed, love this so much! Going out each day to see the sunrise in the same spot, I'm thankful everyday for that moment. Sorry, to carry on just feeling blessed. So this week is filled with real life at our house and all that I love!!
p.s. this just shows again that this PL was meant for me, lol
That top left picture is precious, those two hanging out again unaware that I had my camera and snuck some pictures. Looks like I cut off that side of the page, sorry but it's Summer and Sam laying out on a blanket in the side yard listening to music. LOVE THIS! The 4x6 one is yogurt and fruit that my dad surprised me with so we could make smoothies, LOVE when he does things like this. I shared a SOC photo of course. How cute is the LOOKING GOOD card, SO CUTE and so are my kids sitting at the pool that day. I LOVE THIS ONE!! They look so grown up here and CUTE! Do you see that PRETTY FLOWER GIRL SIENNA, THANK YOU SONJA FOR SENDING ME THIS!! She was so excited to be in the wedding, looks so pretty!! The next one is Renee and Sam playing catch, mind you Renee hasn't been doing this with us and today she finally asked Sam to play. OMG!! The rest of these you can click on to see and read! So thankful for all these memories and tons of photos to enjoy!
So much love and fun on this side. See that one of my oldest, finally got a picture of her for PL, she's not easy to get a picture of. Love seeing her in the pages!! Do you see my collage, haha couldn't resist! We are starting to walk with my mom and passed all these amazing old houses and pretty flowers so I had to make a collage. I'm thrilled we have this time with my mom and the kids did great. She walks 3 miles, holy cow she is amazing to walk this far. See that bottom right one, click on that one so you can see these tiny tiny frogs we have living in our side yard. It's been years since we've had them and this year they came back. SOOOO CUTE AND TINY!! I tried to make a collage but it kept messing up so I will try again later. The little ones were here and they had so much fun seeing these, precious moments I want to remember forever. Click on the image to read the rest, trying to keep this short for you but not doing so well, lol. I wrote on a lot of photos this time too.
Guess what the Summer Of Colors is this week.....
LIME GREEN AND PURPLE!!! Ignore the yellow in this photo, haha. I'm so excited and love these colors together. I just made 4 cards and have plans for more. Will be posting soon as they are done and did a cool inspiration walk to share with it too. It's not too late to join in, click on the yellow button at the top right to find out more.
So that's it for today, did I mention how much I love my pages!! Just had to say it again, lol
Have a great week and thanks so much for the comment and support from all of you!!


  1. Your PL is lovely Dawn...I love the bright and happy colors.

  2. You'd two awesome family week. All the pictures are looking great. I guess I did miss your sky photos and loved to see one here again.I liked how you've added a small card each about SOC and Trendy challenges. Love, love your positive feeling, and gratitude regarding life. I feel the same way, truly blessed and thankful for everything, for each passing minute and especially for good health.

  3. Oh how I LOVE this week's PL!!. So many happy colors & family fun times together!. I have to smile at the little frogs, thanks for the fun video!. You are so lucky to get the foul balls, of all the people and it hit you twice! Did you make any wish? :). Kristin is beautiful :). And love your SOC bouquet!