Sunday, June 9, 2013


So, did you hear the BIG NEWS??!! Archiver's is now carrying Project Life!!! I found out on Thursday thru their email, I was full of JOY, NERVES, JOY, DOUBTFUL, JOY and you get the idea. For 6 months now I've been doing PL a whole new way, some weeks enjoying and other weeks not so much. I learned from it, grew from it and am so PROUD of myself for trying it and sticking with it this long. I am forever THANKFUL TO ALL OF YOU WHO WERE THERE TO HELP ME THRU THIS TIME AND SUPPORT ME AND KEEP ME MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED. COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT ALL OF YOU!! I also wouldn't go back and change a thing, I really do love this little PL version and will keep it close to my heart forever. Excuse the extra mushy here and if I sound dorky, but seriously PL is it for me, all my heart and soul goes into each week and it's the only thing/hobby/interest I've held onto for this long, this is my 5th year. Just like my first PL was all homemade because I didn't get a kit in time, each week I cut and cropped and filled my album with wonderful memories and lots of LOVE. Thank you Becky Higgins!!
Now that I knew this was happening for real, I had to decide which kit to get, only certain ones were going to be there. They also had an exclusive NEW kit just for them to pre-order too. It looks so pretty and is called SLATE, due there in July. Decisions, decisions???? I'm not good at this!!
Look at these GORGEOUS WHITE BOXES!! I stood there for over an hour going between 3 of them then 2 of them. I was so excited to see all these PL products right in front of me, can you imagine how Becky must feel when she sees these in the warehouses and now the STORES. I was so happy for her at this moment and how far she's come in a short time, so proud of her and the PL team. I didn't even need to look anywhere else in this amazing store, it was all right there. So my choices were Blush, Honey and Jade. All 3 looked amazing and would have taken them all but only one could come home with me. I ruled out Blush first and started going back and forth with the other two. Finally Rich and kids came in and I still couldn't decide, I was overwhelmed by then and so the kids helped me decide. So I grabbed that, an album and 2 page protectors packs. Actually didn't realize till home and opened them up that the protectors were the wrong style. Wait till you see what I got, haha it's a good laugh. So are you ready to see which kit??!! I held onto this box all the way home and kept smiling and feeling like it was Christmas morning. Ok let's peek at the newest Project Life!!
Say hello to the HONEY PROJECT LIFE KIT!!! Isn't she gorgeous and bright and WOW!! I was so excited to open this up and stare at all these fun cards. Guess what they are double sided, YIKES!! I forgot about that and WOW these cards are HUGE and what have I done and WOW these are a lot of colors and I got nervous. Then I opened the protectors and noticed they were the wrong style, really is this a joke. I couldn't go back to the store, it's an hour away. I was kinda sad and ready to cry by then. Sorry, just keeping it real here ladies. I put it aside and went about chores and kids. Couple hours later, went back to it and looked thru the cards again and started feeling that JOY again and that Christmas morning feeling and saw this card and knew I had done the right thing, this card is so ME!
This is me everyday!! So let's get to the fun stuff!!
HELLO PROJECT LIFE JUNE 2013!!! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!! Ok now look at the page protector style. Can you see what's so funny?? Yep, I went and got the style with 10 little pockets and only ONE 4x6 pocket. Seriously, how did I mess this up. My one main reason for getting back to this size was to have my 4x6 back and not crop everything. It blame it on doing this for 6 months and my brain only knowing this style now, haha I can laugh about it now.
I'm starting this new album with June, even though I got it on June 8th, remember NO RULES IN PROJECT LIFE!! I totally did my own thing with these first few pages. This first page is about the last day of school for us last Thursday. It's the CLAP-OUT we had at school for Sam and Cam who graduate now and go to middle school. So fun yet sad to see this day come. The bottom 3 photos are dark but it's us in the car with DQ ice cream as is our tradition last day of school treat. It was cold and rainy today so not much fun for pictures or ice cream. Totally love this first page and feels like my long lost best friend is by my side again. Are you ready to see more??!!
Here's the weekly spread, look at those 4x6's in there!! I pulled out the last 4 empty pages I had in last year's PL and put them in here for every other week. My other reason was to not have to crop Rich's pictures of the garden and other fun summer time photos and group ones. I  can't wait to put a sunset picture in here and more cloud/sky photos. Remember to click on this to see better. Even though I had to crop down some of these I was happy to do it and didn't look so small. This album looks huge even today to me. I have stared and played with it all day. Even told Rich I want to take a bunch of photos today and just fill up each page just for fun. So happy about this kit and can't wait to get a couple more to go with it when I can. Would love to get the Season's kit especially!!
Sorry for the long post but you know me, I love to tell the WHOLE STORY! Oh, and look at the cards on the left, see the CLOUD filler cards and the green and flowers, perfect for this summer!! I even put my favorite filler card in the bottom corner on the right side, will use these a lot.
So tomorrow starts the SOC, click on that yellow button on the right of my blog to see what colors WON and will be what we use this first week, can't wait!!  Thank you for the comments on my card, will post more of them this week along with my Index Cards and last week's PL pages in my old album. They are done but still need to get pictures of it. Love how they came out!
Thanks again ladies for your prayers for Colt, he is finally feeling better. To my dear friend Robin, this post is the surprise I told you about at church this morning. MY NEW PROJECT LIFE!!
Have a great day and thanks so much for reading this long crazy but HAPPY POST!!


  1. COngrats how exciting... omg. how fun.. I miss archivers.. we used to hv one in Mpls... none here in FL...
    but I think they hv them here in Michaels or Hobby Lobby...

    congrats!!!!!! U sound so so happy.. happy for you!

    1. Thanks so much Bonita! I would miss having Archiver's around too. That's great you have the other 2 stores nearby.

      I am so happy, this post was actually me singing and happy dancing to it, ha!

  2. I have to admit Dawn...feeling a little jealous sitting here looking at all that PL goodness in Archivers! What an amazing choice you made...I really really really love Honey! I am also thrilled that you've gone back to PL the way you want it...but so proud that you stuck with the other style for as long as you did. You gave it a red hot go!

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks so much for the visit and excitement for me. I had a hard time picking between this one and the JADE, it was so pretty and not so bright. Thanks so much for the support all these months. It's nice to have it back again!

  3. I can just feel your excitement Dawn! I am excited too!!! I was at Archiver's for a crop last night, and I bought the Honey Edition too and I LOVE it! I also got the midnight edition = I just couldn't resist! Your pages look awesome!

    1. WOW, Michelle!! How exciting and funny that you bought the same kit, this weekend too. Great minds think alike my friend. Would love to have the Midnight one if I could have. Thanks so much!

  4. Oh, so exciting!!!. I feel a bit like in a roller coaster when you did that little mistake, but that's OK, you'll shine through this little bleep yet again!. This is so much fun, I could make a few junk journals with all these sweet little papers!. I had amazing time at Archiver's when I visited Minneapolis (Mall of America) in 2009. Bust my budget too!. HA!. Good times. Have fun playing!! HUGS.

  5. Hi Shahrul, I was a roller coaster mess!! So funny that I got the wrong style, will get the right ones when Michaels gets them in. Till then I will just have to keep cropping them, haha!
    WOW, how awesome that you were at the MOA, would love to go there and to their Arhiver's. It busts my budget too in the past but not this time.
    I could see you making a junk journal out of these for sure.
    Thanks Shahrul!

  6. Good Morning Dawn! I loved seeing your post this morning! YAY!!!! Archiver's has Project Life! I really like the photo of you in front of the store, and the pics you took insude!!! And your pages are wonderful! I loved seeing the photos in the car with the DQ ice cream! What a fun memory to preserve, my friend! And SOC starts today! I was just over there and can't wait to start on my first project! Thank you so much for letting me know about it!

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the excited comment! I love our DQ tradition, it's been 7 years now I think. We go the night before school starts too.

    So excited you will be playing with SOC too, can't wait to see what you do!

  8. Well, it looks like a fab purchase to me! So sorry about the page protector issues, but I know you'll find joy in them either way! Thank you too for your SOC message this morning - the poll is now working if you'd like to try again - ugh! xoxo

  9. It seems you made a wonderful purchase and had a lovely trip to the Archivers. Your description of being in the store and unable to decide which one to buy all remind me of what I myself do at craft stores. I hope now PL will be much easier for you. Don't worry about the page protectors. These photos are looking awesome on the new ones.
    I got into an even more hot mess with May PL photos, I ordered collage photos from online walmart and they turned out to be teeny-tiny. When I'm old I guess I need a magnifying glass to go through the photos:)
    Have a great week

  10. Awe, thank you Dawn! That's so cute - yeah, the poll thing did not work out as I expected, so now we will all be able to vote once a week but view the results. I'm hoping it will be fun that way too. Can't wait to see your colors :) AND what was your Instagram again? xoxo