Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello, how are you? Can you believe June is flying by already, I feel like our summer is almost half over already. Today I'm sharing the cards I made during the Let's Get Trendy Now 3 workshop, am still hoping to do more but need to post these while I have time. So much fun it was to make these.
The first one up in the above picture was on using NEON, some people are afraid to use it. Thankfully the talented ladies here gave us great tips and I really enjoyed working with these colors. It's much brighter in person, I wanted to draw black circles around the inside of the color circles but my kids all told me to leave it just like this. I have ideas for another card using neon, hope to get to it.
The next theme was about using sequins which I have never used before on anything. I loved all the projects on using these. While folding laundry and thinking of what kind of card to make it came to me. I was folding my grandma's shirt and had these gorgeous red flowers with little clear beads on the them, light bulb moment. I knew just what to do and LOVE how this came out. Almost left it with just he red flowers but had some old rub-ons I thought would work to add more fun to the card. This card will always be special to me because of my grandma.
here is the picture of my grandma's shirt. I have to say a lot of shirts inspire me
this next one was about using something you already have to make something else, I think it was like recycling or repurpose sorry can't remember the exact words used for this lesson. Anyhow, I knew right away that I wanted to use a brown paper bag which are the brown bottom layer of the flowers. The top layer is my very favorite thing to use, a Kleenex box. I love cutting these up and using the designs on them. They were too thick for my circle punchers so I had to cut them. At first I had colored flowers on it but then thanks to my IG friends said to go with the white. I like this one too, it's going to be hard to send these to people. Growing a nice little pile of cards now, thanks to the workshops I've been taking. Now I need some envelopes and somewhere to store these.
Here is another card I made with the recycle idea. I keep my scraps that I use my punches on and reuse them later as a stencil.  This didn't quite come out as planned but it's growing on me. Not sure what or where to add a greeting to the front of it though. The kids/girls really love this card too.
So there is my cards for the first 4 days, the last day is about layers and that is where I always get stuck. My style seems to go towards white space and a simple/clean look. This is for all my projects and even in life, less is more and the more simple the more happier I am. Going to keep trying though and will share with you if I come up with something. So happy to have had this week of creative ideas and wonderful talented ladies. Thanks so much to all of you!!
Let me know if you have a favorite here. The second week of SOC is going and the colors are HOT PINK AND ORANGE, YUMMMMY!! I'm playing around with the colors and will try to post on Friday. Feel free to join in, doesn't matter when you start just that you JUMP IN AND START, click on the yellow button at the top right side of my blog.
We are full swing into summer here and will post pictures of that next week. Thanks for reading!


  1. These are amazing cards, Dawn!!. I really LOVE the red poppy cards, gorgeous card!. Wonderful that we take a moment in everyday chores, be inspired by what we see and create art!. JOY. I too, became a little braver with neon from the workshop :). Can't wait to see your SOC art this week!. HUGS.

  2. Aww dawn loved the flowers but butterflys very pretty too....great job on getting out of comfort zone going a bit unlined and creative .....

  3. Thank you for playing along with our challenges at Let's Get Trendy Now!3. My fave is the neon card....those colours just pop off the black base.

    P/s: To be considered for the prizes, please link your specific post to the linky tool for each challenge. Not a general link to your blog. You can use the same link for each challenge since you've grouped them together (no need for individual blog posts) but it is a challenge rule. Thanks.

  4. You are ROCKING the Let's Get Trendy3 challenges, Dawn. I love all of your wonderful cards!!!!

  5. Your play with the challenges have come out very well. I too had a look at their site and loved all the challenges. Wish I'd more time to create and post:)I think my favorite is the flower card.