Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello!!! How are you? I'm doing great over, playing with some wonderful, fun, yummy colors this week. It's the 3rd week over at and this weeks colors are one of my favorite to play with. The colors for the week are..... PURPLE AND LIME GREEN!! Now in my house these colors rule, my one daughter loves purple and my son is obsessed and in love with LIME GREEN everything, even wants his house that color. I decided to inspire you again with things in these colors like the previous week's colors. This time I head out to Walmart instead of using what I have here at home. Let's go see what I found....
I LOVE tissue boxes, they can inspire you so much with their designs and colors
I love this so much, so cool looking
Shahrul, I thought of you when I saw this card
a huge yummy scrapbook paper pack, might have to go back and buy this
these are the sheets my girls had a couple years ago. they still have them so I guess that's a good thing
I couldn't resist buying these, NEON purple and lime green!!! They are so awesome and bright! When looking at these I think of Halloween and how fun to use them on a project for that holiday. Will have to keep this in mind for later. So there is just some of the things I found at the store, are you feeling inspired to create something in these colors now. Well, I was and still am but running out of time so here are my cards for this week. Went over my 3 card goal even, so excited about this. But first let me show you something else in these colors that is warm to my heart and that I just LOVE!!
my grandma's pj's. Click to see the image better, love those paisley's!! I haven't made the time to sit and doodle this but hope to one day. This is the second time my grandma's clothing has inspired me!! Now are you ready for some cards....
here is the first batch I made, all in half hour time!! That's pretty good for me. Each time I made a new one it became my favorite and now I love them as a group like this! The Surprise card has dots made from the new NEON paint I got, love these colors! I am not using blank cards, need to buy some for now it's just cardstock cut up whatever size it comes out as. So do you have a favorite out of this group? I'm not aiming for perfection, just having fun and no stress so excuse any goofs you see.
here's the second set I made today. The collage strip ones were inspired by my dear friend Susan, she just a few of these and I love them. Didn't have all that she used but I love how they turned out. Do you have a favorite out of this set? If I had to choose it would be the two on the right. I plan on using this design a lot in the following SOC weeks. Oh and the one on the left is with paper scraps and the right side one is paper tape. Didn't have much green tape so made it work best I could.
here are two I made using watercolors. I usually don't sketch/paint flowers but after doing these now I want to. This was a lesson from one of the classes I just started, more on that later.
I made this collage a couple weeks ago when these colors kept popping in my head. Had lots of fun with this one!
made this one today, rushed it and didn't enjoy it as much. I like the bottom half not sure what happened with the top half.
here is another one of the watercolor flowers. this one was started as my favorite and still kinda is!
So after all that picture overload can you handle ONE MORE!!
this is actually kinda neat but it I pushed some of it over. all my purple/green supplies are taking up half the table. Every week whatever the SOC is my table is covered with those colors, LOVE THIS!
Thanks so much if you made it thru, I know it was a lot but there was too many good things to show you!! Thanks Kristin for hosting and inspiring me in so many ways to play each week. I'm so happy doing these simple little cards, with the kids home I need quick easy things to make. I can't wait to see what next week's colors are, thinking of voting for colors I haven't used before just to make it more fun at least I hope so, lol.  Now I'm off to read thru all the blogs linked up with these colors, can't wait to see what they've made. If you want to know more click on the yellow button on the top right side. Have a great day or night and see you soon with my DAY IN THE LIFE PHOTOS WHICH WAS TODAY INSPIRIED BY THE AWESOME ALI EDWARD'S!! Thank you for all your sweet and supportive comments, you make my day so much!! HUGS!


  1. So inspiring to see all the green & purples!!. You know, if it hadn't been the haze I would've gone shopping & did the same thing!. I LOVE LOVE your cards, you work fast :). The flower one is my fav!. Beautiful flower paintings, it's addictive in a good way ... would love to see you do more :). And the collage is awesome, I like to do this too. WOW, you've been busy!!. Great work, my friend :)

    1. Hi Shahrul, thanks for the visit and sweet comment. I like doing these inspirational walks just like you do sometimes. I'm sure you will see more of the flower paintings, I like the small easy way with them. It's been fun using these colors and I had to work fast this week. Thanks again!!

  2. Hiii!! I realize this reply is late but I just saw the comment you gave me back on the 16th and I want to thank you for your kind words and encouragement! And your daughter sounds like a winner, any Kristin that spells it right is already on the right foot! :)

    I love the cards you made, they are adorable!! I've had this "congratulations on your pregnancy" stamp forever and no reason to use it but I finally have a pregnant friend I can make a card for!! That should be interesting lol. I always see such awesome cards like yours and mine end up so bland looking!

    Also it looks like you are working in Junelles Wild Art workshop?? I just had the time to watch her videos today and am going to work on the projects soon. I am not usually a big flower type person but the way she does them just drew me in. I can't wait to see more of your work! :)

    <3 Kristin

    1. Hello Kristin,
      I'm so glad you came by. How wonderful you can use your stamp now, that will be a fun one to create with. My cards are pretty simple, only way I can do them without stressing. I'm sure yours will look AWESOME!!
      How exciting that you are in Junelle's class too, she is wonderful and so fun! I love how easy she makes it and this first week has been so inspiring! I can't wait to see what your art from the class.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment. Will keep popping in to see how your doing with SOC and more!!

  3. What a great post. So nice to see what you have in your shops over there, all very different to here in the UK. I love the colours too and see that you were so inspired it is wonderful. BJ SOC#41 and thanks for visiting my offering already.

  4. Dawn, you've done so much amazing things with these colors:) Love love your cards.I love every one of them but let me see... Ok in the first batch I love the hello and surprise cards. Did you do the word, 'surprise' with a rub on? In the second batch I think my favorites are the first card and the flower one. That music strip is yumm. I'm happy to see the watercolor flowers here:)and the collages that you did. Love to see that mess on your table, our creative mess. Sometimes I feel bad when my table ends up like that but when I see my creative friends tables, I feel so happy and relieved:) I'm not the only one.
    Just came back from our trip.

  5. Wow girl - you are on fire! I love all of your purple and lime photos! Your cards are beautiful and all so unique! I love your watercolor flowers so much! And those collage cards are really awesome too!

  6. Love the purple and lime combination and all the pictures you took of everything with those colors. Wow. And all those cards and collages. You did a lot Dawn

  7. Wow, Dawn. You really DO love those colors. I can see why they inspire you. Lots of choices and I see you didn't make any that looked like mud!!

  8. Love all your lime and purple projects - all the cards look great but my stpecial faves are the "hello" one in the first batch and the bottom right one in the second batch - looks like you're having loads of fun with all your projects! :o)

  9. Oh Dawn! I absolutely love how you found this color combination in so many wonderful ways! Thanks for showing us them!!! I especially love the jammies!!! And wow! Your cards are so beautiful - I love the quote about looking for the good in others! Oh, and I love your collage, too, my friend! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments left at my blog, too! You always say the nicest things and I just feel happy each time you visit. THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. Inspiration overload! I love that you took us on a tour of purple and lime green. I personally love the painting the most. :)

  11. Hey Dawn, just came back to say WELL DONE for winning the prize this week - good for you, it's great to see how excited you were :o) and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with the goodies! Annie x

  12. You made some lovely cards here. I like how you showed as all the color in inspiration too.