Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Time for T on Tuesday

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I can't believe it's been a week already, this was a busy and fast week. I'm happy to be joining in with Elizabeth  where we share our choice of cup/beverage and other fun stuff each Tuesday. It was fun for me to visit all of you last week, thank you so much for your visits and nice comments on my teacup and heart book papers I've been doing. Still going strong on them.
The above ones are from the very beginning of this project. On the first day of starting my plan was to do random sketches daily then I decided on the 2nd day to make each month a theme month. So here were my first 6 days of the project. You can click on the image to see better. I'm using this as my cup for this post. I kinda miss drawing these and might have to add this in again later in the year.
Just want to share that school just got canceled for us today, I'm thankful for that, means I can stay in and out of this yucky blowing snow we are having. It's also great since now I have time to write this blog post which I had planned on doing tonight. Can't remember the last time we had grass, really missing it and can't wait for the snow to go away. 
I surprised the kids on Valentines and had the table dressed up and surprise bears with candy for them. The girls were sooooo HAPPY about this. Sam was happy too but the girls really liked that I thought of them and did this. I love the polka-dots and seeing the table clean and pretty. We had no plans for that night, Sam went to the school dance then brought a friend back to sleep over, Summer went to church camp and LOVED it. With just Renee at home we settled in and watched a movie she's seen but we hadn't, White House Down. Have any of you seen this? WOW, it was a good, action packed and so sad. I loved it and so did Rich! It was the perfect Valentines Day.
Just had to share these cuties. They both went and saw the movie Frozen, which I had seen too. They LOVE the music just as much as I do. The songs are on my playlist and they keep asking to listen to it. I love this picture and how much they enjoy hearing the music. They will be here today and I'm sure we will be a lot of listening to it again.
here is the second half of my hearts. Sorry it's cut off on the left side, didn't realize that till I uploaded. That first one is my favorite, it says PEACE. Click on them to see better.
That's it for today, time for me to go get ready for the little ones coming over today. Will be a loud and kid filled house now. I'm looking forward to it, missed the little ones. Stay warm and safe if your in the snow like me and stay cool for my faraway friends. Thanks so much for your visit.
Thanks again Elizabeth for hosting us on Tuesday's, so happy I can share again this week. Stop by and say hello and see what others are sharing today at Elizabeth's


  1. Dawn,Good to see this post from you. It has been a while since I've heard from you. Your Valentines table is very pretty. The girls surely would have loved it.The colors used on your heart pages are beautiful. The first one is my favorite too as I love how the colors have blended.
    Sorry to hear about more snow and no school days. Here, I'm down with the flu, yuck Hope to post for T for Tuesday.
    Wish you have a wonderful week and let us hope that by the end of this month at least the snow will stop visiting us.

  2. i haven't seen that movie, but i'm always on the look-out for things to try so i'll look for it. thx for the suggestion.

    your table looks festive! :)

  3. such lovely valentines for your family...Love the polka-dot table set-up! isn't it fun to draw over book text? like you are doing something the librarian always told you not to do! lol!

  4. Your Valentine's Day table is great. I'll bet everyone enjoyed it. Can't believe all the people who are still having snow. Hope the grass under all the white stuff appears soon.


  5. That movie was wonderful! (White House Down) I really liked it a lot. Looks like you know how to do Valentines day right. I am so looking forward to spring. We have sunshine today and I am grateful for that. Just want to hug it to my chest and never let it go!
    Have a great T day

  6. What a beautiful Valentine's table you set.
    Thanks for stopping by this week.

  7. Your cups and hearts really speak to me. I always love hearts, and am working on a piece now that includes them. Your pages are fantastic.

    Speaking of fantastic, I was super impressed with the photo of your table with the bears. What a great way to appreciate your children. Bleubeard might have liked a bear, too (grin).

    We are supposed to warm up today. The snow might even melt away at this rate. Hope yours does soon, too, because, like you, I'm tired of the slush and leftover dirty snow. So pretty when it first comes down, so ugly when it's been around awhile.

    I wanted you to know, I left a comment last night on your PL pages. I hope you find (or found) it, because I stopped by late. Happy T(ea) today.

  8. love your painted pages dawn. What a sweet Valentine setting for the young ones! I too am longing to see some grass-as is my dog:) Perhaps we need to get one of those chia pets to see some-haha!

  9. Hi Dawn, thanks for sharing some sweet little photos. What a cutely decorated table for the kids on Valentine's Day, I hope they enjoyed it! I too would love to see some grass on the ground as I look staring out the window now at MORE falling snow!!

  10. Your Valentine's table looks like something out of a magazine...so sweet!
    Your heart pages sure are great Dawn...you are clearly having great fun with them...
    Happy T Day to you

  11. What a sweet table scape. I love polka dots! Nice job keeping at the sketching. Sorry to hear about more snow. It's 33°F and I decided to open some windows to air the sickness out of the house. The fresh air smells so amazing!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Such a sweet thing to do for the kids. It's a lot of fun doing things like that for them especially when they are little. They really seem to appreciate that.
    I love your pink heart the most. It's just the sweetest.
    Sorry about all that cold snowy days. It's nice and comfortable here out west.

  13. I love the teddy bear's Tea Party for Valentines Day. Aww! I love that photo of your cuties too. Hubby and I went to see Frozen with friends just after Christmas. Not a young child between us!
    Your hearts are cute too. Well done.

  14. Beautiful work, Dawn! I just love your artwork on book paper, whether it is teacup or hearts, all so beautiful!
    Love your sweet valentine's table decor too!

  15. Thanks for dropping by, Dawn. I love your pages and the kids are so cute listening to the music

  16. Hi Dawn! It is always so nice visiting your blog! I am loving the Valentine's Day table! So glad that you took a photo of it and shared it with us. I hope you and your family had a wonderful one! And your art is absolutely beautiful! I love all of your pages on the book paper! So creative and beautiful. And we saw Frozen, too, and loved it! Have a happy weekend, my friend! HUGS!!!!