Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hello!! WOW, do you see that picture??!!! I think my blogger is working!! YAY, finally I can share pictures!! I'm so surprised and excited! Not sure what happened, I didn't do anything just came on to see if it would work and IT DID!! Well, I will just have to photo overload you today I guess, YAY!!
I can finally share this picture above, which was a gift this past Christmas. My dear friend Linda in Australia made this and sent it to me. Can't tell you how much I love it, this made my heart VERY happy. I love this and even though it came after Christmas I left it on the table till just the other week when I had to put Valentine stuff up. I still have it right beside me though and am not ready to pack it away with my holiday stuff. Click on it to see better if you need to. I had no idea she was sending this to me, so it's extra special. My table looks so pretty with it too. I kept my table clean all thru the rest of December and January just to show this off.  So glad I could share this with you finally.
I'm not sure what to post since I wasn't prepared for it to work. Just going to put some random ones on here and have fun. Hoping it really is working and will post all of these!!
this is another gift I got from Tracey in Australia. These are the cutest sweetest little things. I was surprised by these too. I love them and have left them on my new bookcase and they make me smile when I see them. Won't be packing them away anytime soon either. I was so touched to get these from her and love happy mail surprises. Did I mention how cute they were?? LOVE!!
I sent these two ladies a Christmas card that had a snow scene on them since they don't get snow and little packs of Starbucks pumpkin coffee which they don't have in Australia either. Isn't happy mail and surprises fun. They both enjoyed it and loved the surprise.
here is the sunrise picture from exactly 31 days ago that I wanted to share with you. So happy I can share it now. We've had a lot of them lately, not many sunsets though. I love the gorgeous color!
Look how cute these two are, they make a little fort by surrounding themselves with larger toys then putting the small toys inside with them. This time they actually read books to themselves. Each fort is always different and they play in it differently. Sometimes they make the fort then run around and chase or dance instead of playing in the fort. They are the best cleaner uppers too, they will put these toys away so nicely and Sienna cleans them up just so and perfect.
here is my cleaned up craft space, YAY!! It's still doing pretty good and I love it. I'm hoping you will remember what a mess it was before. Don't want to look for the before shot but will try to share another time. I used to have two tables with piles on them and under them. Figured I should get rid of one table and get some organizers. Those are the white things next to my table. I cleaned off this table pretty well too. I hope to do more with this space but for now it's making me happy!
here is what it looks like most days now, SNOW AND MORE SNOW
this is from last Sunday. We woke up to the beautiful white snow that is just stunning and gorgeous everywhere. I love seeing the trees like this, so pretty everywhere. I looked out this window all day just to see this beautiful bush. Today it is snowing again but not the pretty kind like this one.
the backyard when it was finally warm enough to go out and enjoy it. I love the blue sky that day and seeing how pretty it was outside. This was right after my blog quit working. The kids finally had gone back to school and the house was all mine. It was so nice to just walk outside with Lucky and enjoy fresh air and then went back in and enjoyed the quiet house.
here is a little Valentine decoration. I used to have my snowman art from Susan here, don't worry just moved it onto my bookshelf for now. The art on the second shelf is something I made 2 years ago. Had so much fun making this and loved how it turned out. The frame on top is scrapbook paper I change out every season/holiday just for fun. My mom got me the mailboxes at Target 2 years ago.
Here is the BIRTHDAY GIRL a month ago today, she is 17 today!! Time has flown by with this one, not sure I'm ready for this last year and her going into adulthood. She loves her birthday and today has been a good day, not too exciting. It's snowing and freezing and we are staying inside. Had cake and presents already and will be making hamburgers soon per her dinner request.
Well, after looking at my pictures I didn't have a lot to share with you. Hope you enjoyed this PHOTO POST!! So happy it's working again, YAY!! Wish I could know why it wasn't and why it is now. So weird but as long as it's working again I'm happy!!
Will come back on Tuesday with a T Time Post, YIPPEEE!!!
Thank you to everyone who still visited and read thru my long word only posts, I appreciate it.
Nancy, missed you at church today, darn yucky weather. We had a nice class, missed you though! Stay warm my friend, it's been crazy with kids all week and looks like they will be missing more days again this week since the temps will be below zero again. I bet your happy to see pictures!!
Happy Sunday everyone!! Take care and stay warm or cool depending on where you live. HUGS!


  1. Hi Dawn! thank you so much for your wonderful visit to my blog! It was so nice to hear from you! . . . and YAY!!! I am so happy that your blog is working again! I love the "random" pictures that you picked to post today. WOW! You sure did get a lot of snow, too. We got about 2 more inches last night, too. And I love the quilt and beautiful cross stitched circles that you got from your friends in Australia! How wonderful that you have such a special friends! And your sunrise photo is beautiful, too. Love what you are doing for Valentine's Day, too. I hope you don't miss too many more days. We have a 2- hour delay this morning. Take care and stay warm! HUGS from me, too!

  2. Hi dawn, lovely pics. Glad to hear your blog is working again. It is so good to take a peek into your world. Thanks for visiting my blog and making sharing your comments with me. I love reading what you have had to say. Looks like you will be feeling the cold for a while yet. Hope you stay warm. xx Jo

  3. It appears you are feeling much, much better since the last time I checked in with you. Like you, I've had to deal with frozen pipes. as well as weather related power outages. But at least I haven't been sick (knock on wood).

    You have some awesome friends. I can't believe those darling hoops, and of course the table runner is adorable because it has TREES.

    Speaking of trees, I'm not sure I share your joy of all this snow. We had more last night and this morning: 4 inches, in fact. And to think, the first round was just finally starting to melt.

    Because of the extreme cold and snow, and the fact my Valentine decorations are kept in my outside storage space, I pretty skipped Valentine's Day decorations this year. Somehow I can't get motivated, but I'm glad you were. Your etagere/baker's rack looks lovely with the seasonal offerings.

    I'm SO glad you were able to get your pictures working on your blog. It's great when things like electronics work properly, and stressful when they don't. Let's hope for continued success, so I can visit you for T tomorrow (grin).

  4. Love sunset. I agree abt the snow to above person. I'm done and tired of it ......seems whole January was full of below norm terms. Now its snow and cold. Glad pics work now. Take care and stay warm

  5. Yay!!! I'm so very happy for you. Saw all the photos and the post in the morning itself but never got around to sit and type:) But I'm feeling happy that at last you are able to post your pictures. What amazing gifts you have got! Those hoops are beautiful and so is the table runner. Belated birthday wishes to Renee. I did miss your nature photos. Lovely sunrise with all that beautiful shades in the sky. Your Valentine decorations are wonderful. That scrapbook paper in a frame is a wonderful idea, I need to try that one day.
    Have a wonderful and creative week

  6. Happy that your blog is working again. So nice to see pictures. You have a lot of snow. Here in holland we hardly have any winter so far. Just one or two days with a few degrees of frost and a little snow in the north. Where I live we haven't had any snow so far. Always love snow days with sun makes beautiful pictures. Until next time, Bye Carla

  7. Looks like ton of fun going on when the computer is on strike! How fun and I am so glad that the picture appeared on the blog post now, YAY!