Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello and Happy Valentines Day!! I want to say a big THANK YOU for the visits this week and your nice comments on my pictures and book papers. Today I'm sharing some Project Life pages with you, FINALLY!! These pages were done except for the journaling on them. Last month was so crazy I did good just to get pictures each week and stick them in the album. Yesterday, I made myself sit for over an hour and did all the writing and finishing up. Still have to finish last week's then will post it along with this with this week when it's done. I'm also trying something new some weeks with my PL, I want to mix it up this year. Will explain it as those weeks come up.
First, I want to share the beautiful art Sienna made me this week. OMG this girl loves art and is so creative and free when creating. I want to be like that, don't like that inner critic that comes out. The one on the right I especially love, her flowers are so sweet. The left one was made with deep concentration and her tongue peeking out just a  bit, LOVE THAT ABOUT HER!!
here is the first week in January, using a lot of the Midnight Kit, LOVE IT. I'm going to include close-ups of all the weeks, since my pictures are working again, YIPPEE!!!
sorry for the glare, didn't realize it till the last week's and didn't have time to retake pictures
here is week 2, I used Midnight on the left and Honey on the right
I love this side, a mix of fun and artwork
It was nice to bring out some bright colored cards in these winter days we are having. I have a better picture of the bottom right one, will be reprinting and putting it in here.
Here is week 3, this is where I've changed it a little
Again, sorry for the glare. This week was when I got sick and cleaned up my craft space
This side is what I changed up a bit. I started rethinking my format and journaling. Found inspiration in Tracey's new format of PL by adding journal sheets to the week and inspired to make each pocket like it's own layout. I did this on the bottom two pictures, I like that the writing is right there with the pictures. It does take more time and stresses me a little. I like it though and did it again the next week.
I love this weeks pages, week 4 already!
There is another new thing I'm going to do too. Usually the top left card has the title/date card there. I'm going to use a picture from our week instead, inspired by a new blog friend who made the PL Dream Team this year. For this week, it's a picture at floor level of the kids playing a game, LOVE IT!! I used a date stamp on the photo, love this too! Each picture has some writing on it, YAY, really enjoyed putting these together. I also bought some new stamps from Michaels that I used a lot on this weeks pages. Hoping to stay on track with the extra work it takes now but will go simple on busy weeks. The Midnight kit really works well for this because of all the white clean look of the cards which I LOVE about this kit. Might have to go pick up a second one.
This side I went a little simple but enjoyed it and LOVE these pictures. The top one is cut off a little, that is Lucky laying in the sun, so cute!! These pictures are all from one day, love doing this.
I'm so glad I did these now and don't have to worry about catching up on them later. I realized after Christmas how many pages I have left either blank or didn't fill in the journal cards in my other albums over the years. I'm ok with it though, some weeks are like that and I have TONS that are done and tell the story with just pictures too.
I want to say a big THANK YOU for Michelle at Inspiration Everywhere who is finishing up her projects from last year and posting them on Friday's. I know others who are getting their unfinished projects done this year, so fun that we can all do it together and keep motivated this way.
Forgot to mention, remember you can click on these images to see better.
Joann's finally has Project Life now too, so this Sunday I'm headed to ours and hoping to get their new KIWI kit, looks bright and happy. Wish me luck they still have some when I get there!
Thanks so much for your visit and hope you enjoyed my catch up on PL with you. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm/cool wherever you are. We have snow again today, YUCK!!
Sending you all lots of love and hugs today!!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Dawn! and Congratulations on all those beautiful Project Life pages! They look totally awesome! I am linking your post up to the Finish er Up Friday post on my blog. Have a great weekend my friend!

  2. Hi Dawn! I agree - Michelle's blog is so full of wonderful inspiration!!! And I absolutely LOVE what you did with all of your amazing PL pages! I am so happy that your photos are back up on your blog so that we can all enjoy them! And I love Sienna's art work. Thank you for sharing her art with all of us! Happy belated Valentine's Day, my friend! I hope it was a day filled with lots of love! Yes, we are getting more snow as we speak. Oh my goodness!!!!!

  3. Sienna's art work is beautiful I'm sure you inspire and encourage her a lot
    It is wonderful to see your PL pictures again.It is so good to see how you have combined both your art and family in the album. Wishing you a lovely trip to JoAnn. I love visiting these craft shops so much.
    Hugs and Stay Warm.

  4. Pretty work from Sienna, and I enjoy your PL too!

  5. I've been here three times and have been unable to leave a comment until now. Congrats on being chosen as the spotlight artist at Rydell's blog last week. You did a fantastic job of catching up on your PL entries. And you had some really impressive layouts, too. I liked how you changed things a bit on different weeks. That always keeps it interesting.

    Sorry I haven't been around sooner, but like I said, I DID try to leave a comment several times. Hope your Valentine's Day was as sweet as you are.