Tuesday, February 25, 2014

T stands for Tuesday

Hello and Happy T stands for Tuesday! I have a new mug to share with you today, a Valentine gift to myself. Got it for a dollar the day after Valentines, YAY!! I'm packing away the decorations today and bringing out either St. Patrick's Day goodies or might just jump into spring, maybe that will make spring hurry and get here. So how was your week? Mine has been good, everyone is healthy and trying to stay warm. The temps went up a little finally and we got to see grass over the weekend, YIPPEEE!! Summer and I even went to the track and walked, DOUBLE YIPPEE!! Sadly the snow started the next day and is still here today so no track. The kids got another snow day last week so that is 5 days we have to make up in June, YUCK!! Hoping that reallllly will be the last one.
Last week I stumbled upon something new,  Artist Trading Cards (ATC)  I have seen some and heard about it but that was it. I found a new friend thru my Instagram on my cell and couldn't resist wanting to join in. I spent the weekend making some ATC and meeting others and trading with them. So excited and was so fun to make them. Thankfully I remembered to take a picture of them before mailing them off. Will try to keep doing that so I can share them here with you.
I just realized I didn't take a picture of them all, forgot my second batch of them, this is the first batch. Since purging my craft space I have limited supplies so I was glad to find these to work with. I had no idea the detail work into these. I had to sign all the backs and date them all and write a note and envelopes out and put a few goodies in each one. It's like Christmas in the mail, YAY!! I had so much fun and will be making more today. Have any of you made these before? Would love to hear any tips or stories of yours. I actually have two that live here in Ohio with me, YAY!!
look at that pretty sky and sunrise starting, YAY!!
Here the little ones playing outside with Sam and his friend. It was so nice to get them out for once. This winter has been too cold for even Sam to go out. They had so much fun.
Here they are listening to the songs from FROZEN with Renee. Little Colt now sings the Let it Go song over and over again. It is the CUTEST thing ever! Sienna sings her church songs all the time so it was so sweet to hear little Colt singing this time. Renee loves them too.
I have a special request today,  Sienna and Colt's dad is having brain surgery on March 12th, to remove a tumor. Would you please keep him in your prayers. Prayers for surgery to go well and that they can get all of it out and for a good recovery afterwards. A special prayer too for the little ones, Sienna especially, she is a daddy's girl and I know this is going to hard and confusing for her. Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes, means a lot to me and this amazing sweet family.
Thank you for visiting today and I can't wait to see what you are sharing today.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us today. Have a great week everyone!


  1. First, I will keep special wishes and good thoughts for Sienna's and Colt's dad. How sweet of you to request it.

    ATCs are a lot of work. First the background, then the foreground, then the sentiment. Of course, if you have a word processing program, you can create the backs, then print them out. Some people buy stamps for them, but I don't. I'll look for the post that shows how to make them. I know I have one.

    Thanks for sharing your LOVE mug with us during T(ea) today. So glad to hear from you, too.

  2. Found it and an example of when I used it, too. Hope this helps:


    and an example if how I used them:


    Note the backs were first created in 2007, and the ATC in 2008. But that should give you an idea of what is possible with a computer program, a printer, and a cutter.

  3. from your heart to God's ear, may your prayers be answered so that all goes well.

    artist trading cards sounds like such a fun idea!

  4. Will certainly keep Sienna and Colt's father in my thoughts and prayers.

    ATCs are fun to make--I have even sold a few (called ACEOs). Once I got past how small they are, I like the freedom of anything goes. Happy T Day!

  5. ATC's are fun...I go in spurts with making them. Here's a link to my posts featuring ATC's if your interested.

    Keeping him in my thoughts...

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Tiny doesn't mean easy by any stretch of the imagination. Usually the smaller you go the more you have to pay attention to composition and color because the eye is, well Right There.
    Good thoughts for the family --

  7. first of all my prayers are with you all and especially "dad". I have several decorative boxes filled with ATCS for many swaps and trades I have done over the years and love going thru them. If you go to my blog I have a link to a Yahoo group called "Paper Traders" I think you would really like.They have monthly ATC lotteries and swaps happening quite often. If you email me your snail mail address I'd love to send you a few as I do keep them handy and make them quite a bit:) Happy T day!

  8. Dear Dawn, my thoughts and prayers to their family. Hope the little ones will be able to take it well especially when their dad will be at the hospital.My special prayers will be there for them.
    Your ATC'S are beautiful. Love the Spring card so bright and colorful. I love the bird pictures too,want to sketch them. This week it is back to very cold again:(
    Thank you for sharing the sky photo.

  9. But of course there will be prayers said for the whole family!
    ATCs are a fun form of art, I make them in spurts too...LOL
    I bet it felt so good to get outside, for any reason, al though your treck and round the track makes me feel guilty (but not so bad I'll get oust side and walk in the sun shine LOL)
    Thanks so much for stopping by this week. Happy T-day!

  10. Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your family!
    ATCs are a nice size 'canvas' to stretch your creative muscles with.
    These last months of winter can seem kind of long...but we know spring is coming eventually ;)
    Thank you for your visit and for always saying such nice things dear Dawn ♥

  11. Watch out, Dawn!!! ATC's are addictive! LOL!!! They're serious fun!!! Glad you found out about them. There are a few Yahoo groups that are dedicated to sharing too. Thanks so much for stopping by for a blog visit and for leaving such a lovely comment! I loved hearing that you enjoyed my tutorial!!! For the record, I've got my St. Patty's Day stuff out, but the bunnies want to come out of the box too! ♥ Hugs! Terri

  12. Dawn, your ATCs are GORGEOUS! I love seeing all the new things you try! Glad you got your photos back on the blog - they are always so fun, and I love your sunrises! We have about 3 feet of snow here - what a winter, eh?

  13. thanks for your good wishes, dawn. I also love ATCs and have a slideshow of some of mine on my blog. the link is in the side bar. the ones you made are really great and I'm sure the recipients will be very happy.

  14. Hi Dawn! I absolutely LOVE your ATC's! I have never made them myself, but am so happy that you shared yours with us! I also love your V-day mug! We are planning on taking down our Valentine's Day decorations this weekend and do have some St. Patrick's Day ones to put up! Me being 1/2 Irish - we have to decorate!!! I also love your beautiful photos, especially the sky. So pretty! We still have lots of snow on the ground here, even with the 50 degree temps we had last weekend. It's back down into the teens this week, so spring is not quite here yet! LOL! I wish you all the best, my friend! Thanks for your visit to my blog, too!

  15. Lovely mug and love that you treat yourself. We deserve a little something now and again right?
    Your ATCs are gorgeous. I have only made a few but they are quite addictive.
    Prayers at the ready for Sienna and Cold's Dad.
    Love Frozen and cannot wait for it to come out on dvd. The music was great wasn't it?
    All the best for

  16. Hi Dawn, I am running late on reading the blogs from the T Day group, so here I am on a Wednesday. I

    I'll definitely keep the kids' dad in my prayers--and their whole family as well.

    Your ATC's turned out wonderful. I especially like the birds.

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  17. Prayers are sent. Love the sunset photo. ❤️

  18. I hope the surgery went well, sending my best regards and I will be thinking of you and your family.
    Good to read your updates here every Tuesday, ATC is fun, I only hope I have more time to play with paper.

    My daughter is back in collage, so no more sewing, home is back to normal after my recent travel back to Singapore, husband got to train some new staff at the office, so most of the time just Papi and me at home.

  19. My apologies for my terribly late turn up for tea! Your ATC's look lovely, they are such a fun thing to make and swap aren't they?

  20. It is awesome to see so many lovely ATC you have now, and thanks for sharing your "Tuesday updates" with us!