Tuesday, February 11, 2014

T stands for Tuesday and snow and Teacups

Hello and HAPPY T DAY!! I'm so HAPPY to finally be joining in with you this week. As some of you know my blogger was giving me issues uploading pictures for a month now. Finally on Sunday it just started working again, no clue why/how it all happened but VERY happy to see it's working now. As you can see from the above picture it's snowy here and it's been this way for awhile now. This was from yesterday, we got a few more inches during the day. I just started shoveling when I took this. We do a lot of that now too,  this has also been the coldest winter in a long time. The kids have had more off days then on days due to the low temps. Sadly, they have to make them up at the end of the year. Hoping the rest of winter doesn't get quite as cold, not sure how much more we can take and all of us have cabin fever.  Ok, how about some more pictures now.... YAY!!
Lucky was outside with me too. The weather has been hard on her also, she lets us know if it's too cold and won't go out or just goes a little ways then right back in. So funny to see her walking thru the deep snow, can't even see her legs. I try to keep her in the same path to help but some days it just keeps snowing over it again. She's tired of the snow too I think and wants the grass again.
Renee turned 17 on Sunday, where does the time go!!!
Here is our heart project for this month. Remember my thankful leaves in November? This is almost the same thing, instead of being thankful we tell each other things we love about each other. We have to make one for everyone and try to do this daily. The door got filled up pretty fast, I have a pile that still needs taped up. The rest of the month we will spread the hearts all over the house, love this part. It's not to late to start this too, start today and keep it going all month with me. I save these for my Project Life also. So fun going back over and reading them, I get a kick seeing Rich do his, he never complains and enjoys doing these. YAY!! I've made some for Sienna and Colt too and they love it.
Of course I need my cup/beverage/mug picture for today. During January I joined a wonderful lady thru Instagram where she is doing a daily book paper sketch. She is doing a variety of them but I wanted a theme for each month. I love book paper and thought this would be so fun, she is doing this for the whole year. How cool it will be to see 365 book papers at the end, excited about this! Her plan is just to use this as a quick 5/10 minute sketch, love this too. I have mostly used my watercolors and a few with markers. Click on the image to see better, each one was made for a specific reason, not just for the sake of sketching. If you can't see one good enough let me know and I will repost it by itself. I will show you the other set next week. Now to show you this months' book papers, my theme is of course HEARTS!! 
Here are the first 10 of them, I love making them. It's so nice to have a different theme now, was running out of ideas for my cups. I'm sure this will happen again this month. Again, click on the image to see better and if you need a better picture let me know. Each of these were made for a specific reason too, I'm lucky either a color or an idea pops into my head before I fall asleep or as soon as I wake up. Will share these again when I have a group of 10.
Thanks so much for your visit today, am so happy to be joining in and sharing pictures with you. If you'd like to see more pretty snow pictures and my clean up craft space see the post below that I just did on Sunday.  There is some pretty handmade gifts I received too for Christmas.
Elizabeth, thanks so much for hosting us on Tuesday's. Not being able to post kept me away from the computer, this was good in a way but not as much fun to miss out. Can't wait to visit and say hello to everyone. Have a great day everyone, stay warm or cool wherever you live.
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  1. L♥ve your book paper sketches! and the hearts...so sweet! have a great week & happy T day!

  2. Fun sketches! Happy b-day to your girl!! crazy how fast they grow up.

  3. Renee certainly looks all grown up in that photo. She really looks happy, too.

    Very impressive number of hearts you have already on your door. I would be hard pressed to find other places to display mine, though.

    Glad you found a creative outlet while Blogger put your blog on hiatus. What I didn't understand was, when my blog quit working, I couldn't log onto it, or even leave comments on other blogger blogs because I couldn't log in. But your problem was NOT the same, I see. At least it's fixed now. And you even have art to show for while you were not able to give us photos. I'm really in awe of the cups, and you KNOW how much I love hearts.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos today, now that you are back and able to share T with us.

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Love all the quick sketches, will you be re-binding them into a book?
    Happy T-day, sending you some WARM love and sunshine.
    Thanks for the earlier visit.

  5. wow! you are getting such a pretty snow! we got a couple of dustings, but that's it. i've decided if i can't have real snow i'm ready to move on to hotter weather. lol

  6. aaah yes that dreaded snow again! My dog is feeling like yours-desperately looking for a spot of grass somewhere...your painted papers are fantastic!! Lovely bright colors. Love your idea for posting hearts too-wish I'd had thought of that when our son was little. Happy T day!

  7. What a great idea and the book pages are a great idea..... I used to think it was terrible to tear pages out of a book even for art..... Until I discovered Elizabeth. You are giving them new life. Love the sn

  8. Opps pressed wrong button
    Love the snow very pretty ... Until it thaws .... We just have the wet stuf lots and lots do rain

  9. Happy to see a T for Tuesday post from you Dawn. I hope we will be done with this freezing temps by this month. Those hearts look so bright and positive and what a great idea- writing nice things about each other. Your hearts sketches are so pretty. I love love the blue-orange one and that playing card idea is simply brilliant. Is it a sketch or a collage?
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  10. You have great ideas for projects. I like the door with all the heart notes, and painting/drawing on book pages is a cool idea. Happy T Day!

  11. I LOVE your door full of thankfulness to everybody!! So cool! And your themes on the book pages is a great idea.
    Happy T-Day!! :)

  12. I had an issue with blogger photos a while back that just resolved itself, too. Glad you were able to visit today and share your hearts project and the lovely photo of Renee.

  13. Hopefully your problems are resolved now and you can keep posting. love your little book page sketches.

  14. I love seeing snow especially as we have be sweltering in 100 degree weather with no aircondition

  15. I love your T-Time post, Dawn! The photos are wonderful! I hope you don't get any more snow, either!!! I love that you all make home-made Valentine's too. We always did that as kids! Happy belated birthday to Renee! 17! Wow - time flies, doesn't it?! Here's wishing you more school days in a row, my friend! Thank you so much for your wonderful visit to my blog, too!

  16. Hi Dawn, Love your book paper sketches. Love the teacups and the hearts. I am inspired. I love book paper so much. I also love your hearts project. All those hearts look fantastic. So much love. Talk to you soon. Jo xx

  17. So glad your computer is fixed now and we get to see so many pretty pictures. I love book paper too, use them for mixed media journal!