Tuesday, October 8, 2013

T stands for Time with family

Happy T day everyone!! The sky is amazing right now as I'm writing this, love when that happens in the mornings. Today I will be sharing about my trip to an apple orchard a couple weeks ago. We stumbled upon this cute little place years ago and try to go back at least once every fall. Sadly, it's not quite the same (the dogs have passed on and it's more business like then family) but the have fresh cider and cider donuts that I can't resist. What makes this fall special is my daughter Kristin being home now, she's missed having fall and I want to do as much as we can with this short awesome season. Along for the ride was also my mom ( her first time here) and my sister Annie her second or third time here. It's about 20mts from my home so just right for a mini day trip. Funny in the past I'm in and out of there within an hour, this time we spent two hours there, lots of pictures and just enjoying the outdoors and each other. LOVE THIS!! So are you ready, here is the entrance...
I love the inside of this place, apples everywhere, natural light, smells so good too. It was much colder inside so we had to run back out to the van and get our coats. This isn't an orchard where you can pick apples but instead pick what you want from all the crates of them. I'm not sure if they use the machines to make the cider anymore either, haven't seen them working but could be coming on the wrong day too. It would be fun to see them doing this again though.
They have some sauces, spices available too. I loved the cute little decorations here
here is the best part of the vist, the little bakery right inside. They make everything fresh right there in this little place, those cider donuts are my favorite with a cup of hot cider please. My mom got their cinnamon roll which looked soooo good. My sister ordered a little grape pie to take home and loved it. I was very happy to see they had plain apple cider this year, last year they made it into a hot carmel drink which I didn't like at all. They also have a cider slushie machine if you like it cold. Would have taken better and more pictures but their was people everywhere and I didn't want them in my pictures but hope this gives you the overall feeling of the place. Cozy and fall and YUMMY!!
here is my cup picture for the day. Almost forgot to take it so half the cider is gone and my donut too.
then we went outside to enjoy the view!! Isn't it gorgeous!! Hoping to go back again soon to see the leaves have more color on them. Love that sky behind the trees too.
My mom loved this spot and said she could have stayed all day here
This is one of my MOST favorite pictures of the day. Don't think we have ever had us 3 together or at least not one that came out this nice. That's my daughter in the middle and I'm on the left and sister Annie on the right. Good thing Kristin sat since she's so much taller then us. A HAPPY DAY!
I love that my mom and I are getting more pictures together too!!
another personal favorite for me! I love the color blue with bits of red
A last reflection picture before we left....sigh.....
Thanks mom, Annie, Kristin for this fun trip, so happy we went and can't wait to go again. I thought it would be nice to share my Project Life pages from this trip too, so happy to have fall in my album!
sorry one last picture, this was at my mom's house afterwards. Shahrul I know you will like this picture. This is some kind of fungus growing on my mom's tree, it's actually kinda of pretty. My sister said it looks like the top of a pumpkin pie and she's right it does.
A look at the pages! Sorry for the glare, didn't realize it till now. Click on it to see better. I was so happy to use the journal cards from the Seasons kit my dear friend Nancy got me. HI NANCY!! The fall ones are my favorite. I love seeing all these pictures here, no way could I have just chosen one or two. I also put my art journal page in here since it fit the theme and feeling inspired to paint again.
Ok, one last picture before I go visit Elizabeth  for tea time!! Please stop by and say hello to her and the others sharing what their up to on this beautiful cool fallllllllll DAY!!
This is for my friend Susan. I was inspired after seeing her daily journal page on her son being sick. Now I have a way to remember what I did to my thumb. It's doing much better now too, YAY!
Have a wonderful day ladies and thanks so much for reading this loooong post!


  1. I always enjoy finding places that sell their own crop or made there goodies. Never had a cider doughnut but I would sure be willing to try one. Looks like you had a delightful day out with your family.


  2. What a fun day you four must have had. I was impressed with the photos you took, especially since I've never been to an apple farm. Been to a peach farm, but wasn't real happy with their prices, especially since they wanted you to pick your own.

    I had to laugh at the coffee shot. It looked like that pot was seriously in need of a good cleaning. I wouldn't want to drink coffee out of it.

    I'm like you. I don't want people in my photos, either. But sometimes waiting is not an option, so I take a few, anyway.

    When I first saw that photo of the tree, I also thought it was something with pumpkin in it. I thought it might be a tart. Guess your sis and I were on the same wavelength.

    You have no idea how many times I've been out and about and forgotten to take photos of my meal (or snack) until it was too late.

    Thanks for joining me for T today.

  3. I can almost smell the apples! I haven't visited an orchard in several years now. We just don't take the time on the weekends.
    The fungi photos are cool...and yes, I say pumpkin pie tops as well!
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. What a wonderful place! We used to go to a place like this, over on the coast, loved it. They couldn't keep up with the vineyards, so they closed, tore out the apple trees and planted grapes. Now we go the opposite direction to get apples. LOL Still a fun trip and the goodies are to die for.
    That is an interesting fungi and I agree that it looks like the tops of pumpkin pies.........must be the time of the year LOL
    Happy T-day

  5. Love the pictures sis and yes was a great time !!!!!!!! Also thanks abt fungus tops agreement. They just looked it just right ....xox love you sis....Ann

  6. Happy to hear your thumb is doing much better dear Dawn!
    Your fall outing certainly was captured beautifully in photos...precious moments spent with family makes me smile!
    at first glance your cup of cider looked like it had a doughnut handle ;)
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos and that fungus is super...I always stop for lichen and fungus and mushrooms to snap some pix too ;)
    Happy T day to you and thank you so much for your lovely words and compliments over at my Magpie's Nest

  7. I so LOVE coming along again. Such a nice place to eat, enjoy the company and just breathe in that Fall aroma!. This is almost like a large barn filled with apples & cider :). It's so nice to see your sister, mom and daughter together!. You look so much like your sister :). Amazing view outside. WOW, the water is like a mirror, beautiful Fall weather, everything is so refreshing. Thank you, for this wonderful post, Dawn!. HUGS.

  8. Lovely pictures Dawn, looks like a great place to visit. To far away for me ;-) Happy T day

  9. GORGEOUS photos! thanks for sharing your trip...I can almost smell those beautiful apples. what a scenic place...I would be in trouble with the bakery though!...happy Tuesday...thanks so much for your lovely comments...

  10. Wonderful pictures Dawn. I remember your trip from last year too. I love the family photos too. Your sister looks just like you, except for her hairstyle. Dawn, you don't look as if you have a daughter as old as Kristin, (that is a compliment -:) My favorite from the orchard is the last picture beside the water, it is stunning. Wow for you hand sketch. Yes, you will always remember that incident when you see this sketch. Art journaling can be done that way too and I try doing that in my daily journal whenever I can.

  11. Awesome story telling as usual - love all the pics too - had a great time and can't wait to go back - love being with family no matter what we're doing - and you're welcome for the leaves!!

  12. I'm here to wish you Happy T Day on a Wednesday. :) I ran out of time yesterday.

    Looks like you and I were on the same wavelength yesterday, with apples nature scenes. Now I'm craving apples again. :)

  13. Beautiful photos reminded of my days in East Coast, I can almost smell the scent, thanks for sharing and hope the thumb is doing better!

  14. All that produce has made me hungry for the fresh produce. Also wow with the beauty of the gardens and the reflection of the trees on the water, so stunning and yes I am glad to have come back to have another snoop. I have never eaten cider donuts or pumpkin pie maybe one day I will give it ago but we don't eat that sort of thing here in Australia.

    Thanks for sharing

    Hugs Eliza