Monday, June 30, 2014

T stands for Tuesday

Hello and Happy Tuesday! The sky has been amazing this week, this sunset was so much prettier then the picture. We are free of camps and babysitting this week, YAY!! The heat is here and it feels like summer, a little too hot for me but not complaining. Sitting my our window a/c as I type this :)
Just sent Kristin and her new mission friend off this morning to join the other World Race friends and family. They are so ready and excited!! Please keep them in your prayers.
I'm using my same smoothie for Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday  link up this week. I kept forgetting to get pictures of both my dinners out this week like I wanted. Happy to be here again this week and sharing some pretty happy mail and icads with you.
Look at all these gorgeous flower ATCs, love them all!! So fun to finally get them.
here are my icads for the last 12 days. Click on this image and flower one above to see better. Still having fun just putting a little paint on each one. The bottom right one was for the SOC last week. I'm so happy for keeping up on them and know I can see it thru July too. YAY!!
One last fun art that I forgot to share earlier. Renee surprised Rich with a Father's Day banner, like she did me for Mother's Day. Love that she does and adds so much color and fun to them!
I hope you have a great week, thanks so much for the wonderful comments on my last post. I love sharing my art and Tuesday's with you. Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us!
p.s. I did do more inchies below if you want to see them.


  1. The view out of your window is beautiful, thanks for sharing the updates, continue to enjoy the summer months!

  2. Pretty sunset...
    I always get excited by the glorious colors and how they keep morphing into more beautiful shades of lovely...
    That Father's Day Banner is thoughtful and sweet!
    Thanks for sharing those nice ATCs too...such a fine array...
    Wishing you and yours lovely summer days...
    Happy T Day!

  3. Lovely sunset... The ATc's are great...glad you shared then today.
    Happy Tuesday

  4. a truly gorgeous sunset...yummy looking smoothie...terrific art! love it all! :) best wishes and prayers for the mission trip too!

  5. Your sunset picture looks great! So summery :)

    I like all those flower cards, especially those bright orange and yellow ones. So cheerful. Happy T Tuesday!

  6. your drink looks delish-esp. on a hot summer day! Your collection of flower ATCS and all those icads are beautiful! What a sweet banner too. Best wishes for the mission trip.

  7. So glad Kristin has finally gone on her world mission. Such a noble cause.

    You got a LOT of lovely ATCs. So diverse and great examples of flowers.

    Your smoothie looks wonderful, as does your sunset.

    Thanks for sharing your ICADs and SOC for last week with us for T this week. And as always, thanks for playing along.

  8. Love those flower ATC's!!! Wish i could work that small. But i think it would drive me up a wall! Hugs! deb

  9. Dear Dawn I'm sure Kristen is going to have a lovely time and will come back with so many wonderful stories to share. Will remember her in my prayers... Those atc's that you have received are gorgeous. Your ICAD colors are lovely, they speak Summer. It is so sweet of Renee to make banners for you and her Dad. I think handmade things from our kids are the best treasures.
    Have a lovely week

  10. Love the atc's :) and the smoothy looks yummy!
    I'll have to go check your inchies too,
    happy T day :)

  11. That is a gorgeous sunset! Good luck to the girls. Your presents look great, and your ATCs, and the banner. Lots going on today. Happy T-Day!!! :)

  12. I love to see a set of ATCs. Swaps are fine peacemaking activities as are pink and green smoothies!

  13. The smoothie looks like a perfect match to a hot day : ).

  14. Hi Dawn! I love smoothies! Yours looks delish!!! I absolutely love all of your ATC's my friend. You are so creative - these will be great for the swap! And Renee's Father's Day banner is fabulous! I bet Rich just loved this!

    Your sunset photo is stunning and makes me appreciate the beauty of each day. I will keep Kristin and her new mission friend in my prayers for safety and a wonderful mission, too.

    And thank you, Dawn, so much for always leaving the nicest comments at my blog. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, my friend. Hugs!!!!