Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello to the colored leaves popping up everywhere
Hello to cooler weather, but not to cool
Hello to jumping and playing in leaves
Hello to beautiful fall sunsets
Hello to walking at track and not sweating
Hello to candy galore
Hello to warm cider and apples
Hello to pumpkins and pumpkin pies at the store
Hello to jeans and jackets
Hello to the last of fall soccer
Hello to turning back clocks, I don't like that part
Hello to the last month before Sam is 13
Hello the magic and beauty October brings when you go outside
Hello to staying in more and crafting, reading, napping, baking
Hello to Kristin being in Romania and on month 4
Hello to Renee going to her senior homecoming
Hello to all the fun and adventure a new month brings
My computer is acting up again, looks like a virus. Rich got it kinda working now, once we turn it off, not sure if it will turn back on. That's why you haven't seen me this week. Now I babysit the next two days and have activities each night too. Will come and visit everyone soon as I can.
Hope you are all doing well and excited for another month of beautiful FALL!!
Hello Nancy, see you Sunday!


  1. Oh Dawn, I worry about you and your computer. I'm sure yours doesn't mean as much as mine, because it's where I "live" most of my life. But not having one is a traumatic experience in my book.

    I always enjoy your first of the month welcome posts, and this one is no different. So good to read that Kristin is in Romania.

    Gotta admit, I'm still in sleeveless dresses or shorts and sleeveless tops. It's been in the high 80s for days and days. I keep hoping for cooler weather.

    Is Sam getting excited for his birthday? I bet it will be a special one for him.

    Happy October, dear, and hope you are back online SOON!!!

  2. Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for your wonderful visit! I really enjoy your posts, too. I am sorry your computer is having issues again - those viruses can be sneaky buggers. I hope you can get it fixed soon. I always like reading your "Hello" posts. This one if full of hope and joy! October is one of my favorite times of the year. Enjoy it my friend! HUGS!!!!!

  3. Dear Dawn Hope you have a wonderful month. I'm not ready for the cold weather-:) Sienna and Colt have grown so big! Wow! Sam is going to be in his teen years. Hope you will be able to fix your computer at the earliest.
    Have a lovely weekend my friend

  4. Hello to your wonderful October post, it is always fun to see kids playing on a pile of falling leaves, I wish I could do that when I was a kid, but nah... growing near the equator, we are all year round summer, sunrise and sunset always the same time throughout my life in Singapore, no need to change our clock, LOL!
    I do love fall, that is my favorite season of the year, and my chinese middle name actually means fall.
    I love apple cider too, it just gives the house that nice, warm, cozy feeling when we have a pot going on isn't it?