Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hello, I'm here and doing well, not so for the computer again. It's this old one we are using from Rich's work, it's verrrry slow and makes coming on here not fun. I hope to post next week for T Time. Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the weather and changing of seasons.
Around here we had a chili cook off that went well
Around here Renee went to homecoming
Around here we has summer weather days and it was great
Around here the leaves are changing and it's so pretty
Around here we had the windows open and shorts on, YAY
Around here time is flying by fast
Around here the kids are all doing well in school
Around here Sam is already asking for winter and snow, sorry friends
Around here I'm getting ready to do Week in the Life next week with Ali Edward's
Around here I'm trying to decide if I should do a December album
Around here the little ones are doing super good, getting bigger too
Around here this month makes it 4 years since we got Lucky, YAY
Around here Kristin is in Romania and doing VERY GOOD
Around here I missed seeing Nancy at church, hope you will be there Sunday
I love doing these kinds of posts, so fun. Have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday.


  1. Hi Dawn! fun to hear what's going on with to wishing for snow! ;) I did that in my younger days...around here it is cold and rainy and I want comfort food, which will make me gain weight. ACK! lol...can't wait to see Week in the Life...and think December Daily sounds marvelous. I don't think I have the time/nerve to try it though...loved the atc you sent! you should have gotten an email from me about it. sorry it was late. have a great week dearie!

  2. Dear Dawn sorry to hear about the computer issues. I know how frustrating it can get. This week we too enjoyed good weather here but heard that from Sunday it is back to being cold again. Hope to see the pictures that you will be taking for Ali's project-:)
    Have a great weekend