Friday, October 31, 2014


Hello and Happy Halloween! I'm sharing a favorite picture of my favorite thing to do in November. Making thankful leaves and my grandma helping me last year with them. LOVE THIS!! It's that time again already, mine are cut out and ready to go starting tomorrow November 1st and all month long. Hope some of you will join in and doing this with me. It's for everyone and all ages, just write down on a leaf something your thankful for that day and hang it up. You will see that spot grow big and your heart will be so thankful all month long.
I've had computer issues again the last week and am lucky it's working right now, YAY!! We are getting a new modem today since it appears what the problem is and my friend Nancy got us another monitor to borrow that will be bigger then this little one I'm using and still have to shake to work, lol. Thank you Nancy!! Let's hope all this change will make it possible for me to share T Time next week.  Until then here's to November!!
Hello to my favorite month with a close tie with October
Hello to Sam turning 13, yep a teenager, the last one in the house, sigh
Hello to Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday
Hello to turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie
Hello to almost done with Soccer after next week's tournament, YAY
Hello to time changes and being dark outside at 6:00, sad face here
Hello to crafting and Project Life while it's cooler outside
Hello to Heather and Jennifer and kids going to Disney, YIPPEE!!
Hello to wearing coats and gloves and staying warm
Hello Thanksgiving LEFTOVERS, my favorite part
Hello to enjoying the last of fall leaves
Hello to drinking warm tea and cider
Hello to using blankets and slippers to stay warm
Hello to all the blessings and thankful hearts we will have
Have a great Halloween and Happy November


  1. Hello to you, too, my friend! I absolutely LOVE this photo of your grandmother helping you make your thankful leaves! Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing this upbeat and amazing post with all of us, Dawn!

  2. November seems like a wonderful month for you, and yes, I love November too!